Friday, May 19, 2017


A strong week and Kansas City politics might have been overshadowed by the President's struggle for control but that's no reason to ignore our local power players.

Take a look:

Congressman Cleaver Successfully Championed Prez Trump Investigation

The top ranking Democratic Party denizen in Kansas City was the strongest proponent of investigation of the Prez and, like it or not, his effort proved successful with the former FBI director set to testify against the Trump Administration.

Missouri Democratic Party Makes Progress

The Missouri super-minority earned significant wins this session simply by staying out of power and the limelight. First and foremost, the "circuit breaker" repeal was stifled and older Missouri residents won't confront higher bills. Meanwhile, Missouri Republicans confront a litany of questions over broken promises regarding ethics legislation and party in-fighting.

Councilman Lucas Leads Legal Review Of Mayor Sly's NO-BID Airport Scheme

Councilman Lucas was front and center in challenge to Mayor Sly's CORRUPT No-Bid plan to hand over the airport to Burns & Mac. The scheme is now stalled in legal review as Council works make the process more transparent and responsive to community concerns . . . Which will ultimately kill it given Kansas City's big biz distaste for Democracy.

And so . . .

Deadly Springtime for KCMO Continues . . .

There's gonna a sequel for the iconic movie classic as "Spring Break Forever" in Kansas City offers little respite for a town beleaguered by violence and corporate raiders.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

An altogether horrible week for Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Stuff this in your pipe and smoke it TKC: The market wants TRUMP! All of this trouble has been horrible for the stock market but they Democrats keep on beating this dead horse. They're more concerned about their agenda than the economy or jobs!

Anonymous said...

CLEAVER DEMOCRAT Killa city douchebag LIBERAL is a brain dead idiot . Can only repeat his LIBERAL Democrats master talking points . He's a crook and FLIM FLAMMING SCAMMER ass just like our Dick bag Mayor ¡! Vote these douchebag pieces of shit out of office ¡!

Anonymous said...

DemocRat Lindsey Graham is now saying Hilly's hijynx with her emails needs a better looking into, and he's predicting that's a very likely scenario at some point in the RussiaGate workup by Mueller. The lead up to the DNC firings will get dug into deeper, he warns. He's not the only Dem placing bets that rooting out supposed meddler messes may turn up what is the real deal with Hilly's Uranium arrangement and Billy's lucrative Moscow speech. Uh oh.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Good point. It goes deeper. Way deep.

Anonymous said...

Investigate them all!

Anonymous said...

I can not wait to see how much money and tie can be wasted investigating libtard hallucinations. This calamity is more fun to watch than Homeland.

Anonymous said...

11:02, there's sure to be fat fees paid to teams of lawyers over the months into years on this made for treasure grab, "RussiaGate", brought to us by the lying crooked career bloodsuckers in the uni-party.

The Trump family friend, Attorney Cohen, is said to be setting up counsel for POTUS and others in Trump's administration, in anticipation of the witchhunt, er, uh, the special investigation.

Hey, who'll get credit for creating all the jobs at the high cost law firms, hotels, limo services, caterers, barbers, make-up artists, dry cleaners, shoe shiners, office supplies firms, overnight package couriers, etc.? Well, at least, some regular folks will get in on some of that 'jack'. Plus, they'll be handing some back in taxes.

Woot! Let the games begin!