Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kansas City UMKC Kangaroo Job Cuts Amid Missouri Education Budget Crackdown

The City College takes a hit amid GOP hegemony and fallout from MU system backlash. Take a look:

UMKC Lays Off 30 Workers In Response To State Budget Cuts

The University of Missouri-Kansas City confirmed Thursday that it laid off 30 people this week as part of a plan to cut up to $30 million in spending over the next two years. The university refused to say exactly when the layoffs happened or what departments were cut.


Anonymous said...

Start with the President and VP's.
Poor Management.

Anonymous said...

But the chancellor was a senior executive with Aquila before his insider business friends got him this gig.
With a track record like that, what could possible go wrong?

Anonymous said...

We can thank that idiot Greitens for this and more ridiculous decisions that are sure to come. Hope he is a one-term wonder, but the citizens of Missouri will suffer the consequences of those decisions for years to come. Voters really did us no favors by electing this immature puppet of big (dirty) money.