Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Kansas City Tuesday Night Double Feature

Just a couple of Kansas City movie clips worth checking tonight . . .

In fairness, we won't even question the latest Kansas City streetcar commercial . . . We're simply offering a glimpse at their side of the argument for local late night edification:

And speaking of the growing season . . . Here's a glimpse a local garden project by way of some very great Kansas City volunteers acting on their best intentions:

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

That green-thumb dude smoked too much green before go-time

They got the right idea tho,for realz.sadly,most city dwellers have no idea or interest in growing a vegetable garden.

Anonymous said...

Like the snips. Makes me proud to be an American! Kansas City is the last refuge of a free country.

For now.

StreetCarSamurai said...

12:02am shots fired at Bannister and Noland. 6 shots fired.

StreetCarSamurai said...

12:07am shooting at 9th and Wyoming. 7-8 shots. Screams being heard in an alley.

StreetCarSamurai said...

12:20 5844 Wayne 9 shots fired. Black male

12:21 35 Euclid 3 black males in Mustang beating woman in vehicle, 1 with a gun.

StreetCarSamurai said...

Holy shit there is a ton of fights in the streets and women getting beat up tonight in KCMO. I cant keep up with the scanner.

Beatings on Troost, Prospect, and drunk drivers on I-35, and I-70. Another PCP situation possibly. Burglary alarms going off everywhere. Suicide attempt, wtf people. Is this normal? I started listening to scanner Sunday night and this is the third night listening. This seems like the norm once the sun goes down in KC. Lots of burglaries in KCMO. Who wants to have a business/shop here when its going to eventually get jacked?

Do people who go down to power and light, westport, or nearby areas for nightlife selfies have any clue what goes down just a few miles to the east? I mean, I myself knew that was "the bad part of town", but shit...people lose their lives all the time down there. Why cant they stomp this out? Is this a constitutional situation where their hands are tied? Or is it like Tony says in previous posts about the KCMO having their force numbers suppressed?

4-5 vehicle accident on I-70...once again I-70 third night in a row.

Why on earth would leadership in KCMO think we dont need more police? The budget is too big? What does that tell you about your city when you think the police budget is too big, and shit still hits the fan on a Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night with the force you have? Is it a situation where the mayor has tied their hands and they cant crack down? Last night on the scanner there was a transmission of being short of supervisors. Tonight there was a transmission of one of the patrols needing a car for someone. They were all gone.

They have come to accept this as "the way it is". Thats the Democrat way to run a city. Where is that one poster who always posts "KC = Detroit" lol

12:45 Skinny Black male with a tattoo on his forehead just assaulted a female. driving silver BMW sedan. location disrupted from incoming chatter

12:48 Guy at the quaff just released from prison. armed with gun.

12:55 and the chatter is still constant....

Anonymous said...


A New TOY TRAIN Street car route has been advocated

the new routes will send that TOY TRAIN right up KCMO Mayor Sly James Ass,,, 3 times a day everyday !!!

So far nobody has signed on for that route,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Noon news on TV5 had Slie saying within fifteen years if the 50 year old airport hasn't been brought up to date KC will be left behind. He goes on to promise there'd soon be more "education" to the public on the benefits of a new KCI.

It was shocking that the newsie even mentioned the mayor wanted a vote last year, but decided to put off the single terminal design vote due to polls showing opposition.

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:56 AM -Oh no. You mean there was crime? How can this happen? Wow. My God. It's a wonder we made it through the night! What can we do besides post about crime on here every day! Please give me the action steps you are personally taking to rid this city of this criminal menace!

Anonymous said...

12:56 Am-you mean there was a four car accident on I-70? How can we live in a city where there are accidents on the highways??? Oh woe is us!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, 9:28, I rely on KC's most famous crime fighter! You know who he is!