Saturday, May 13, 2017

Kansas City Transit Activist Clay Chastain Family Feud And Open Letter To City Council

Quick update amid the transit debate season . . . Here's local radio doing a bit of behind the scenes research and follow-up on Clay's voting status and his sis doing some trash talk . . .

KMBZ: Chastain's sister questions motives behind light rail activist's campaign

In fairness, and more in line with a local legislative issue . . . Check Clay's complaint and statement to the Council on the status of his petition. Checkit:

Chastain's open letter to 12-council members urging them to reject Mayor James' forced attempt to corrupt August mass transit petition election

To all 12 members of the KCMO City Council from KC activist Clay Chastain,

The KCMO City Council must stand up to Mayor James' on-going hostility toward valid petitions from the people (light rail petitions, convention hotel petitions, airport petitions, streetcar petitions, etc) and his corrupted attempts to undermine their success with voters, just because they challenge his flawed leadership.

In our case, Mayor James, abetted by the city's legal department, is deliberately attempting to corrupt and undermine the August mass transit petition election by placing before voters a distorted, confusing and unattractive mass transit petition proposal that does not reflect, in any way shape or form, the original stated intent of that petition proposal. In fact, James and the city's legal staff never even consulted with me or the committee of petitioners before unilaterally taking our plan and writing their own corrupted version of it The city's corrupted ballot version incredulously refers to the mass transit petition proposal as both promoting a streetcar system and a light rail system. How confusing and stupid is that? The city's corrupted version also vaguely calls for "extending the city's streetcar system in several different directions." It does not. The petition calls for transforming the city's streetcar system into a rapid citywide rail system operating along certain specified routes and within designated right of ways separated from traffic.

Remember in 2014 when Mayor James and the city's legal staff led the council in placing their own corrupted version of a valid light rail petition proposal before the voters and astoundingly it did not even include the words light rail? James and the city's legal department are now using a similar corrupt political tactic to try, yet again, to sabotage a rail petition initiative election.

I do not believe the full council understands they are being used, conned and deliberately misled by a sly, bully-acting mayor and his obsequious acting legal staff.

Ordinance No.170041 is a con job concocted by James and the city's legal staff that disrespects the recent Missouri Supreme Court ruling (it ordered the city to stop legally challenging valid petitions from the people and place them before voters without delay) and the stated will of the voters who signed the petition. Its devious aim is to try and con voters into thinking the petition proposal merely proposes extending the city's current streetcar system in whatever vague way suits the city.

No one should doubt that James' underhanded and ill-conceived motive is merely designed to get voters to reject the petition-sponsored mass transit ballot measure because it directly competes with a James'-supported plan to extend the city's existing streetcar line to the Plaza via a restricted (TDD) election in which citywide voters will have no say.

What's more, no where in the charter does the charter explicitly direct the city to concoct their own version of a petition proposal. Why would the people want the government to rewrite the ballot language for a petition that is attempting to go around the government? Furthermore, on the very face of the petition are instructions from the signers of the petition explicitly directing the city to place the petition proposal, in its original form, before the voters.

I urge the council to right this wrong, bring honesty and transparency back to Kansas City's government and pass a new replacement ordinance next Thursday that puts this mass transit petition proposal before KC voters in its original form!

Clay Chastain...leader and committee spokesperson for the current rail petition proposal slated for the August ballot.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Chastain's nonsense would be more believable if he started wearing colorful bowties.
Seems to be working pretty well for some of the locals.

Anonymous said...

@Tony can you please find a new shit eating grin stick photo for our boy Clay?

That one gives me the heeby jeebies.

-Michael Mahoney Balogna

Anonymous said...

go getem clay

Anonymous said...

Clay is my hero because he is all over the bastard Mayor's corrupt b.s.

Tracy Thomas said...

Ckay's sister outed Clay as a non resident and kicked him off the voter rolls. Hooray for her, and for KMBC for reporting it.

Move on, Clay.
Tony, it's time to let Clay go. We can fight the Toy Train better without him, because he is so toxic. And I agree with 9:04, tired of the pearly white teeth of Clay's photo.


Byron Funkhouser said...

Those aren't teeth, they're dentures.

Nobody that old has real teeth that look like that.

Anonymous said...

Jealous much? They do if they take care of their teeth and don't swallow cum like you Byron and Tracy.

Anonymous said...

Clay probably just needs to move on and maybe focus his efforts back in his home state. Is his plan to spend the rest of his life, LITERALLY, trying to get his name on a light rail system in a city that has rejected it time and time again? Yes, he did get one to pass. But that one along with every other hair brained LR plan he's come up with has been pie-in-the-sky and far fetched and would NOT work financially. His plan relies on money that he CANNOT guarantee we'll get. It'd be different if he had some kind of signed promissory note from the Feds that we'd get the dollars that his plans rely on. But he doesn't have any shred of such a thing.

Like Tracy said, he's toxic. His plans are crazy, far fetched and outright dangerous. I really wish he'd just disappear back to Virginia or wherever he's from and leave KC alone. We have enough clowns in our local government running around causing damage to tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Clay is right. Bullhorn James is such a lier I wouldn't believe shit he says. Kcmo is going down hill fast. James needs to go back to that lying farm he came from and get someone in there that knows how to run a city. Who wants to invest in this city with the coon's killing someone almost everyday.

Go for bubba said...

I like Clay. He's the only one to challenge Sly James!

Anonymous said...

Time to put on the black face Clay. That will get the pandering libtards at city hall behind your cause in a flash.

Anonymous said...

Clay's a nutjob and his sister confirms it.

Anonymous said...

As Clay Chastain's sister I never implied that my brother was a nut job or a person of bad character. Once again I believe he started out being sincere about certain causes but they have since evolved into something else. I will say this, he is at least tring to do something which is more than I can say for the common joe here in Kansas city

karen chastain said...

gosh you folks need to get a life. Seriously