Monday, May 08, 2017


Just like Kansas City claims 25 million tourists annually without any fact check from the local media . . .

The insane claims from the streetcar also go unchecked.

Accordingly . . . Here's just a quick look at KCMO streetcar hype compared with other verified ridership number . . .

KC Streetcar = 6,800 daily riders
Seattle = 4,950 daily riders
Washington DC = 2,285 daily riders
Dallas = 300 daily riders
Atlanta = 1,000 daily riders
Salt Lake City = 1,000 daily riders
Cincinnati = 1,664 daily riders


If it was just a size-measuring contest, this wouldn't be a big deal but streetcar fanboys are using these PHONY STATS to spend millions on news vehicles and bolster one of the most corrupt local elections in the modern era that seeks to suppress voters and champion a despicable taxing scheme.

Still, most of the coverage over the weekend was simply an exercise in cheerleading as a greedy and despicable group of consultants and politicos push this same forward.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Best scam going in the nation right now.

It's a gravy train!

I'm sure the Plaza will benefit if we bring it their way. Finally we're getting back to KC's roots.

Adrian G. said...

What I think is strange is that there's not a lot of excitement about the streetcar second route. The first time around they were signing people up, they had parties, they were at coffee shops and there was a real momentum behind the movement to get started. This time I notice few people are really excited or wanting to get involved. Don't get me wrong, people love the streetcar but I just don't see them wanting to push it along in this way, even if an extension to the plaza would make a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

Why can't it go eastward? ?

Anonymous said...

And your proof that the numbers are fake is where again?

Up your ass?

Well, get Stupor Dave out of there and we'll all have a look.

Until then you should try backing up your claims with real evidence. Otherwise you look stupid.

Sorry, stupider.

Thanks for deleting this comment the first time and letting me revise and extend my remarks!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Your comment obviously wasn't deleted.

At least TKC is checking the numbers against other sources. The KC Streetcar doesn't seem to be doing that, if they aren't afraid of independent verification, why don't they do it?

Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight:
KCMO touts and celebrates itself as some kind of big league cutting edge urban environment that the population of the entire world just can't wait to visit or even copy and all this rah rah is over a two-mile streetcar line?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA more fake news coming from this guy:

Real streetcar news here:

Anonymous said...

Tony's still mad because he's still losing against trying to stop the KC streetcar. Same bullshit posts year after year. If it weren't for the great titty pics, this blog isn't worth visiting.

Anonymous said...

6:49, this time the fix was in early, so there's no need to hold rallies and throw parties.

Anonymous said...

How come all your so-called twitter followers aren't standing up for you on twitter??? Your ass got called out by the KC Streetcar organization to prove them wrong on their numbers? Where's your proof jackass?

Anonymous said...

Not a surprise coming from a fatass who's done nothing other than lose a libel lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Same ol' scam. Taxpayer guarantees up front, then lose their asses while city and builders and developers risk next to nothing.

Anonymous said...

90% of the development this past 6 years would be be like West Edge by now. Bankrupt if it wasn't for taxpayer bag holders guaranteeing the banks their money when things go "bad".

Anonymous said...

Streetcar maintenance strands hundreds after Garth Brooks show

Hundreds of people that planned to use the Kansas City streetcar after the Garth Brooks concert on Sunday night were in for an unpleasant surprise


Anonymous said...

City Hall showing up early!! No dissent allowed! Believe our ludicrous claims!

Anonymous said...

Hundreds of people had to walk from the Sprint Center to their vehicles several blocks away. It appeared no buses were provided.

KMBC 9 News has reached out to streetcar authorities to find out why it was shut down for scheduled maintenance on a night when thousands of people were downtown for a major concert.


Anonymous said...

The shutdown of the streetcar after the concert wouldn't surprise anyone who has paid attention to how KCMO operates and what's really important.
Lots of promises, hype, and claims about the necessity of some "project", followed by a disingenuous campaign full of outright lies.
No real oversight or management of HOW the project is actually done, or accountability for results or budgetary considerations.
Exciting groundbreaking with breathless social media and coverage by the ever-easily-led local media.
City "leaders" then head off to launch THE NEXT BIG THING, and actual operations, maintenance, improvements, of service to the public are left to low-level employees who really couldn't care less.
It never changes.

Anonymous said...

Louie @ 8:07, yep, see ya. Heard J. Palmer's your ride, so be careful, and remember--no snoozing on the highway!

Anonymous said...

When are they going to start charging for the streetcar? When they do that number will drop bi time!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if one or a million have ridden the damn thing. What matters is can anyone anywhere show where life, income or the standard of living has improved in any substantive way for anyone since the inception of this toy? If not then why the hell is the city government in the electric train business?

Anonymous said...

^^What 11:01 said^^ I'll give the City it's numbers. It's FREE - I don't care how many people ride it. Charge a $1 & see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Streetcar = SCAM

Anonymous said...

The REAL Rider numbers on the TOY TRAIN are :

700 Million a night ride the Toy Train

1.9 BILLION ride it during the week-ends on Saturdays only,,,,,,,,

another 900 BILLION are standing waiting on the illusionary toy train

These are just FACTS as made up by the Degenerate Lib'tard ba'foons who'll believe any shit spewed at them by their Commie Mayor and staff SLY JAMES,,,,,,