Thursday, May 18, 2017


An important weekly discussion tonight from the GOLD STANDARD of local discourse offers an impressive bit of streetcar expansion opposition equal time.

Description . . .

"Mike Shanin interviews attorney Sherry DeJanes about her objections to streetcar expansion. Then Woody Cozad, Lisa Johnston, Cynthia Wheeler and Ron Freeman discuss the new Burns & McDonnell funding proposal for KCI, recap the Missouri legislative session and talk about the significance of voter fraud and the recent appointment of Kris Kobach to a presidential commission to examine the issue."

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Silverback Sly said...

Was it just me or was it a Republican majority tonight...Byron must have had a chess tournament or it was snuggle time fellow benefit leach,Mrs.Funk?

Anonymous said...

Byron quit chess. The local young kids that kicked his ass ran him off the Grand Chess Master lie.

Anonymous said...

If Burned and McManaged is proposing to handle the financing for a BILLION(+) DOLLAR airport terminal project, then why weren't they capable of financing their very own headquarters expansion?
Why did the city of KCMO finance the new HQ for Burned and McManaged?
Burned and McManaged proposes for KCMO to:
1) enter into a legally binding agreement with a separate legal entity "Terminal Developer LLC" created by Burned and McManaged, which will use Burned and McManaged Engineering Inc. as their exclusive contractor. Why does this matter? Because in a worst case scenario Terminal Developer LLC will walk away from the project, declare bankruptcy, and leave KCMO with a demolished terminal and skeleton airport. Burned and McManaged Engineering continues on in business unaffected. The City ASSUMES THE RISK of losing their airport.
2) cede control of the airport terminal and the land on which it sits for 30 to 35 years, OR LONGER (read the MOU term sheet) The Developer's lease with the City is for an undefined boundary of property and land.
3) waive all municipal income from the airport during this time period, as it will be redirected to Developer.
4) City will still be responsible for the costs of operation and maintenance.
5) Developer will design and build the Project for an undefined cost.
6) Project will be completed at an undefined time schedule.
7) City agrees to pledge all Airport Revenue Sources and Federal Funding Sources to Developer, for payment of debt incurred by Project.
8) "Cooperate with Developer in arranging the financing for the Project."
9) City agrees to seek the MAXIMUM allowable Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) during the 30-35 years or LONGER term of the agreement.
10) "That the acquisition of construction materials and all tangible personal property and equipment for the Project will be exempt from sale and use taxes to the extent permitted by state law, and the City will issue to Developer and, upon request, Contractor or subcontractors or vendors, a project exemption certificate evidencing such sales and use tax exemption" This tactic was also used to benefit Burns and McManaged during the construction of their HQ expansion.

Anonymous said...

11) KCMO waives their right to control development around KCI. "Limitations upon the development of facilities by the City or the City's Aviation Department on or adjacent to the Airport that would adversely affect the operation of the Airport or that, in the reasonable judgment of Developer (and any lenders or equity investors in the Project), would reduce any sources of revenue that are part of the Funding Sources." Potentially, this means no new hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, or any business that might draw sales away from the Developer's Project.
12) The City and Airlines pledge to provide Developer a MINIMUM of $85.2M per year to repay project financing.
13) City agrees to potentially neglect their ownership and maintenance of the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport.
14) Developer gets veto power over all agreements begin the City and Airlines.
15) Burns and McManaged Engineering will become the EXCLUSIVE Contractor for all Airport projects (not just the terminal) during the life of the agreement (30-35 years or longer).
16) "the City provide, without cost to the Project, expedited review of all permit applications for the construction of the Project, and City agrees that no building permit or other similar fees shall be charged by the City in connection with the Project." Again, just like their HQ expansion sweetheart deal!
17) "If Developer determines that, in order to make the Project financially feasible, it is necessary to form a community improvement district, transportation development district or other similar entity (the Special Taxing District") to impose an additional 1% sales tax on retail sales at the Airport, City agrees.." Now, what do you think the odds are that Burns and McManaged will determine they want an additional 1-percent sales tax? If you said 100 PERCENT, you're a realist!
18) "City's City Manager shall be the City Representative for purposes of providing all consents and approvals provided for in the New MOU" Can you see what's happening here folks? Burns and McManaged have given assurances to Sly James and Troy Schulte that when they leave City employment there will be a very lucrative "consulting" job available for them at Burns and McManaged. The two of them just have to RAPE the Council, RAPE the public, and kill anyone who tries to obstruct this BACKROOM CRONY deal which hands a MONOPOLY WORTH HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to Burns and McManaged.

Vote NO said...

^^^^ +1

Anonymous said...

What a difference a week makes! Very interesting and enjoyable episode.

It was nice to hear an opposing perspective on the streetcar. The panel was lively and thoughtful with three of the four having significant reservations about a new KCI terminal.

There was also some good-spirited humor intermingled with the engaging discourse. Kudos Mike and panelists.

Anonymous said...

Just gotta have two (or more) jigs on the show, lest it be racist..