Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Kansas City Sophie Wednesday First Links

Brit hottie pr0n star Sophie starts our morning with a peek at some of the more important Kansas City news stories. Take a peek:

Kansas City DUI Outrage?!?!

The funding for DUI Checkpoints in Kansas City is gone - and advocates are concerned

A safety alert in the fight against drunk driving - funding gone for DUI checkpoints in Kansas City, Mo. Police were planning another one of those checkpoints off of 350 Highway this weekend - but now those checkpoints have been cancelled until the fiscal year ends in October.

Meet The New WyCo Doggie

Thor is the newest deputy in Wyandotte County

Kansas City, KS - Thor was introduced to fellow deputies and to the media Tuesday afternoon. A police dog support group Going to the Dogs presented Thor with a new K-9 vest valued at around $1,000. Thor is the first dog in some time to join the department, and is the only K-9 in the Wyandotte Co Sheriff's Office.

Show-Me Missouri Politico Update

Missouri's opioid drug database hurdle cleared, but House delays vote; REAL ID a step further

A proposal to finally create a prescription drug monitoring program was revived in the Missouri House on Tuesday, while the Senate came to terms with a 12-year-old federal ID law. Rep.

Kansas Patchwork Ripoff?!?!

Diverted Highway Dollars Help Patch Kansas Budget - But Not Highways

Dennis Wright isn't alone. He's one of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Kansas residents and public officials waiting for the state to solve its money problems so that dozens of highway projects that have been indefinitely delayed can get going again. "People are incredulous," Wright says. "Our roads are going to pot.

JoPo Talks Baseball And A Great Deal Of Kansas City Nostalgia

Howard's End - Joe Blogs - Medium

A dozen or so years ago, in San Diego, I was standing with my friend Buck O'Neil when Kenny Lofton wandered over. Lofton was playing for Philadelphia then, and he was nearing the end of his career. He had seen a lot of baseball. He was excited about something.

G-Eazy, Carnage - Down For Me ft. 24hrs is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

The roads aren't the only thing going to pot in Kansas. But that's what the good citizens of Kansas voted for so they deserve every single moment of misery that comes their way. At least the corporations are supposed to be doing well in Kansas. Lots of minimum wage jobs in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Amen. ^^^+1. Life in Brownbackistan.

Anonymous said...

Not sad at all about the DUI checkpoints going away. They are not just a little "inconvenience" to drivers as stated in the article. They are a way for the police to conduct illegal search and seizures done under the guise of getting drunks off the road. Here is a little known truth about drunk driving deaths. The majority of DUI deaths occur during daylight hours and on highways. DUI checkpoints are rarely if never, done during the day or on major highways. They are incredibly inefficient and a waste of my time.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, 5% or less of the drivers that are stopped in these checkpoints is DUI.
Stop wasting my money! There is something very wrong when Americans are stopped and checked by LE to see if their papers are in order and that they've been behaving properly.

Retro ROCKER said...

How about undocumented check points there are undocumented illegals,committing crimes every day Look at the police plotter every day they may be arrested but are they deported after serving time a U.S. CITIZEN CAN'T INTER A COUNTRY WITHOUT A PASSPORT

Anonymous said...

"Inter". What the fuck is "inter". You stupid fucking redneck. Get the fuck out of here! Take your ignorance elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

How about gun check points on Prospect? Oh, wait those folks have no money to take, never mind.