Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Kansas City Soldiers Talk Iraq Forever War

This generation has been defined by a never-ending crusade in the middle-east . . . Here's a local perspective on the topic:

Three Kansas City Veterans Reflect On Three Decades Of War In Iraq

American troops have been in Iraq for nearly three decades. From Operation Desert Storm under George H. W. Bush back in the 1990s, to a U.S.-led


Byron Funkhouser said...

In response to 9/11 many young men volunteered to fight the terrorists.

Instead, they were sent to Iraq to fight Iraqi soldiers.

That was just the beginning. Soldiers forced to do three & four tours, when in Vietnam it was "one & done." Veterans denied timely medical care that they were promised.

The number one cause of death for our soldiers, & our veterans, is suicide.

They were used, & abused, & then forgotten ...

Anonymous said...

Not true on the "one and done" ^^BFunk. While on investigative assignment at USMC Records and Finance (Bannister Rd.) data files I searched showed multiple TODs in VN for quite an assortment of MOS #s. Those in specialized communications, recon, surveillance, and intel were the primary files I proofread/routed/secured for "cleared eyes only". These were some of our linguistics proficient Marines with longer stretches of AD because some were also instructors of several MOS, or interpreted for other instructors. The higher paid in demand members were often attached to COINTEL, and speakers of the "enemy dialects".