Friday, May 19, 2017

Kansas City Soggy Friday First Look

Brit hottie Joey is most likely one of the best Instagram hotties of all time and right now she inspires this quick peek at all of the important local links. Take look:

Kansas City Storm Aftermath

Large hail pounds west, north side of Kansas City metro

Kimberly Watts, DeSoto SOURCE: Kimberly Watts, DeSoto A few severe thunderstorms dropped some large hail on the west and north side of the Kansas City metro on Thursday evening. Severe thunderstorm warnings were issued before 9 p.m. as the storms started to form and move up from the south and west.

Box Store Across The Bridge

Popular wholesale chain Costco debuts KC Northland store

After a years of planning and construction a new Costco officially opened Thursday morning in the Northland. The 155,000 square foot store is located off 152 Highway and Platte Purchase Drive. Northland residents told KMBZ they were relieved to see the ribbon-cutting because they typically would drive 30 minutes to the nearest Costco.

More News On Blaze Last Night

Heavy fire consumes vacant apartment building in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On a night where storms swept through the metro, firefighters were battling a heavy blaze at 7th and Spruce. The fire was said to be at a vacant apartment building where no injuries were initially reported. It's unclear if a lightning strike or other weather-related cause started the fire.

Odds Against The Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs: Las Vegas does not believe in the Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs fans are used to being overlooked, but Las Vegas tends to know things about the land of sports that we the regular fans don't know. That's why their latest projections for the 2017 season could be quite telling for the rest of the league.

The McTavish Weekend List

6 Physical And Metaphysical Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

Which matters most: The mind or the body? Or to put it another way: Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe? The question (at least the first one) has echoed through the ages. Yet it may be ultimately a false dilemma, since ideally both the physical and the metaphysical are needed to max out human potential.

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