Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Kansas City 'Mothers In Charge' Movie Documents East Side Killing Fields

This documentary offers a peek at a somewhat controversial Kansas City group that is often used as a political pawn to constantly advocate gun control whilst their mission of talking with homicide victims over the past few years hasn't helped curb an overall homicide spike.

Money line of the promo interview . . .

As a self-described “white boy from Johnson County” who now lives in Brookside, Brick says he’s troubled not just by the violence on Kansas City’s East Side, but by how oblivious people are to it elsewhere in the city. “I’d wake up and expect to read in the paper about what I’d seen the day before, but none of it was in the paper,” he says. “If the shooting doesn’t involve celebrities, young children or a police officer, media outlets often choose not to cover it.”

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Jon Brick talks about Uncommon Allies, his urgent new documentary on East Side violence

Filmmaker Jon Brick at work editing his documentaryPhoto by Jennifer WetzelRosilyn Temple is part of a club she never asked to be in.After her 26-year-old...


Anonymous said...

Mayor Slick trying to keep it quiet has the media in his back pocket. Killa City whoop whoop!

Anonymous said...

If Brick actually thinks that Mothers in Charge accomplishes much of anything than providing some tax money to yet another little group of "activists", he's pretty easily taken for a ride.
All of these folks like Aim4Peace, Mothers in Charge, NoVa, ad Hoc, and all the rest are all big-time talk, talk, talk, but the crime, violence, and even murders keep increasing.
You'd think someone would try something new, but that might jeopardize their "funding", which is what this is really all about.
There are many tens of millions of tax dollars spent every year (COMBAT alone is a $20 million/year fund) and that doesn't even include the $250+ million for the KCPD.
Anybody home at city hall?

Anonymous said...

"Mothers in Charge" is exactly the problem. If any of them had a decent male example in their lives, the Delinquent Hoodrat would be an endangered species.

Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight - White man moves from the Golden Ghetto into the hood rats domain , same white guy is then concerned about crime ? What a great DUMBASS DOUCHEBAG metrosexual TRANNY ¡!

Anonymous said...

Mothers in Charge of breeding more negros to run the streets looking to kill, steal and rape. Those mothers aren't in charge of anything other than the welfare checks.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Take it back,Now!!
How dare you,sir!!!

Polar Bear said...

Jon Brick......never heard of him and don't give a fuck what he has to say.

More like a "Brick turd"....... Bwaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Sure he cares.... he moved from Joco to Brookside, closer to the negro problem.

Anonymous said...


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