Friday, May 19, 2017


The Kansas City population of hobos asking for handouts is burgeoning given the warmer weather.

A recent cruel social media tirade posted across multiple platforms reminds locals to give to charity rather than encourage the streetside begging that goes on at nearly every local busy intersection and only gets worse throughout the year.


People need to understand that very rarely are these folks "legitimate" in their request for "money for food". Most of the time, these folks are simply trying to get money for drugs/booze . . . So, it is time to remind folks that if you REALLY want to help the less fortunate - there are numerous local charities that provide the exact same services the folks standing on the street corner claim to be in need of. There are shelters where people can sleep. There are places where folks can get a meal . . . "

Never mind that it's kinda pushy to tell people what to do with their money . . . Giving to charity is great BUZT sometimes buying somebody a drink isn't the worst thing in the world . . . Especially when the sign is clever . . . Conversely . . . Public lecturing against hobos often comes off callous and uncaring.

Remember this request from the Plaza:

Here at TKC we're not into telling people what to do . . . So we put the question to our blog community . . .


And all of this debate forgets that hipsters & Internets entrepreneurs regularly ask strangers for money online but they call it "crowdfunding" and are often celebrated for their efforts.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

I'll fine with the hobos begging--as long as I'm not forced to pay them. I'd be okay with taxes under those terms as well.

Anonymous said...

The only difference between the hobos and Sly is a bow tie and a bullhorn. Their hands are always out, begging for money.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Sly's hands are usually under the table and in your pockets, but your point is well-taken.
Any latest "changes" being made as to how the $800 million bond money is going to be spent?
How's Mike's taxpayer-subsidized hotel coming?
Streetcar expansion?
Airport terminal?
Christmas in May.
Who gets the bill, again?

Anonymous said...

They don't bother me. They bother rich people and visitors from the suburbs.

Anonymous said...

Most panhandlers are people who know how the system works. They don't go to shelters because they have to follow their rules. No can do, folks. So, they get their cardboard signs ready with the obligatory "God Bless" and hope the good-hearted will cough up a dollar or two.
One guy near our neighborhood has used the same sign for a couple of years now. It says he's OUT OF WORK, TWO CHILDREN TO FEED, ANYTHING HELPS, and of course GOD BLESS. He's there in all kinds of weather, faithful as the sunrise. I feel sorry for him and others, but giving them money is not going to help in the long run.

Dukey said...

Can't stand the old afro American bum on the Blvd, too aggressive,

Anonymous said...

Two words to clear the street: "Gas can".

Anonymous said...

If the average person knew the amount and type of services available to these people, they would be amazed and feel like suckers. This is not the 1930's, and they are not innocents who are "riding the rails" looking for work and a meal. Do not feed them. Do not give them money. Do not even give them warm blankets in the winter. If you want to help, contribute to an organization who will help them. They are better prepared to offer assistance that will help them get off the street. Every organization helping the homeless is caring, generous, and will give people the benefit of the doubt. Every organization also has a blacklist "NO HELP EVER" because of the scams that some of them have perpetrated.
KC just lost another business owner, Mike Darby, co-owner of Coach's at 103rd and Wornall. Homeless people hanging around 103rd and begging has become a problem, and they tend to attract a "bad crowd". I urge everyone to not contribute to the problem but to the solution. Give to the Salvation Army, City Union Mission, Operation Rescue, or one of the dozens of other organizations who offer help.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you

Anonymous said...

Here this person gives a clear, cogent opinion of the situation and that's all you can think to say? How ignorant and unimaginative you are.

Anonymous said...

here's the sad part: lots of old-time kansas city residents don't go to the plaza anymore.

they need a giuliani-style nypd police approach. that turned new york city around and it could turn the plaza around.

Anonymous said...

I'll take the pandering hobos over the pick pocket city any day.

Anonymous said...

I am physically disabled and unemployable.
You all don't realize that for those, who are physically disabled, panhandling is the ONLY SOURCE OF INCOME that the physically disabled have going for them, so they can financially survive.
I am horriffied, and even saddened, that there are so many people out there, who ARE capable of finding and getting work; BUT, who are also, begging out on the street, and do drugs and alchohal.
They are in competition against me for the same, dollar bill, which I need MORE than they do.
Yet, I am not able to physically work.
I do NOT do alchohal, drugs, sex, etc., yet I have to pay my debts and bills, and financially provide for myself.
No one wants to hire me; because, I am physically disabled.
Panhandling has been a real hand up for me, and NOT a hand out.
So, if you happen to see a one armed woman, begging for money on the street, please DO NOT yell at me to get a job.
It is NOT my fault, that employers want to grossly discriminate against me in employment practises.
Also, a shelter will NOT help me.
They ARE NOT able, nor are they NOT CAPABLE to help the physically disabled.