Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kansas City Gun Shops Confront Threat

Dealing is weapons has always been a rough trade and desperate times seem to have increased the danger. Take a look:

ATF: gun store robberies, burglaries on the rise

OLATHE, Kan. - The ATF said Wednesday the number of robberies and burglaries at gun stores up nationwide and a number of guns getting swiped during each crime is also on the rise. In early January, a trio of thieves targeted the The Olathe Gun Shop on the 700 block of South Rogers Road.


Anonymous said...

Must be that nasty old NRA, huh???

Anonymous said...

I hope these guns are getting in the hands of white supremacists

Anonymous said...

^^^I hope they get in the hands of someone who takes you out

Anonymous said...

^^^ I hope the feds set up a gun shop as coon bait. Just hang a sign offering free fied chicken with every firearms purchase.