Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Kansas City Faith Community Protest Against Convenience Store Bongs & Crack/Meth Pipes

Locals fight a losing battle against expediency. Arguing against the marketplace reflecting reality is a losing battle when they might be better off trying to curb demand for illicit drugs. Take a look:

Protesters march to get drug paraphernalia out of community stores

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some parents in the urban core are upset about drug paraphernalia sales at convenience stores near schools in their neighborhoods. Church leaders and others in the community marched in protest near 43rd and Cleveland streets.


Anonymous said...

Another worthless protest. Blacks killing blacks is a reason to protest this isn't. Blacks committing crimes in your neighborhood is a reason to protest. You people need to get your priority's straight.

Anonymous said...

That's a start. Keep on Keeping on.

Anonymous said...

Ill take the third one from the left please!

Anonymous said...

"Protesters march to get drug paraphernalia out of community stores"

So you decriminalize pot and now ya bitch cause someone wants a pipe and some papers? Fucking hell people! Make up your damn minds.