Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kansas City Double Shooting Thursday

Real life on local streets continues while City Hall is wrapped up in a development agenda . . . Here's the aftermath while the shooting victim clings to life:

Double shooting in Kansas City, Mo.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police were called to the scene of a shooting Thursday afternoon at 24th and Oakley; that's near Blue Valley Park at 23rd and Topping. FOX 4's Robert Townsend is at the scene and says he's hearing two people were shot, one in the shoulder and the other in the leg.


Anonymous said...

Cool. Business as usual.

Anonymous said...

7 shot in less than 24hrs, one dead several in critical condition........ atta boy mayor sLIE and KCPD, just keep right on worrying about the sLIE James International Airport and everything will go away

Anonymous said...

And the day ain't over! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Topping is such a nice area, almost as nice as Benton or College Ave.

Same old crap said...

The holiday weekend hasn't even started yet. I bet the nigs break a record shootin spree this weekend.

Anonymous said...

That's the SLY JAMES and Jean Peters Baker Agenda !!!!!!

SOFT on CRIME & Criminals

Slap on the wrist Jean Peters Baker full of smoochies and hugs to her Criminal Degenerates !!!

part of the O'bama & Loretta Lynch communist Agenda to be easy on these Gangsta' Criminals in hopes of their famalies votes, which didn't work !!!

NOW Liberalized cities across the country are getting an eye full of that SOFT on Crime agenda the Degenerate Liberal Scumbags pushed,,,

Don't like it in your community, be damn sure to call, Lyin' SLY JAMES at city hall and Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker

as well as the new Missouri GOV,,,, so he knows what Sly and Jean are up to and can get a full investigation into these 2 morons ands hopefully get charges filed against them and removed from office !!

Anonymous said...

Only 6 more days to make it to 50 murders by the end of May. The coons need to shoot more accurately

Anonymous said...

Inner city youth scholar's don't care about any life . There is no value for anything except for drugs , PUSSY and cash because they get free food stamps , free welfare money , free Obama douchebag phone , no need to work so might as well just cap each other's ass , maybe get some white humans as well ¿?

Anonymous said...

Is that an isolated incident in the Hood , or inclusive of all the Killa City , ¿?