Sunday, May 14, 2017

Kansas City Discount Home Sale FLOP

Less than 100 people were interested in repopulating the urban core and the number of houses that enjoyed active bidding was even more limited:

$999 houses: Kansas City Land Bank sifting through dozens of applications

The Kansas City Land Bank had 72 applications for its $999 house sale, and is now evaluating those before final sales take place. The Land Bank had advertised 50 urban core houses for sale at the $999 price, although it also made clear that these urban core houses need tens of thousands of dollars worth of repairs.


Anonymous said...

So how many TKC bloggers are ready to call the St. Joseph Hotline tomorrow morning 8:00-9:30 AM to complain about the MoDOT engineer there who does the stoplights?

Remember, the number is 8.1.6--3.6.4.--.

Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors.
His name is Joseph Turner. He's a "Traffic engineer" for MoDOT's St. Joseph office who times the lights on the Belt Highway

We need everyone to call that number to get on the air to KFEQ-AM 680 and voice your outrage over this person.
Tell local listeners that you demand he be fired for being a University of Missouri graduate, and for his attitudes towards the Downtown KC Street Car, Power & Light District, and his support of Mizzou sports programs.

Make it clear that you and those you know WILL NOT patronize St. Joseph until he is fired and stripped of his license.
Also make it clear that you will purchase fuel and license your car in Kansas, so as to not help fund MoDOT and Turner's traffic lights.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Land Bank sale was a success.

Anonymous said...

Rehabbers are not homeowners. Another delusional piece about Kansas Shitty. If they remotely think they got a good deal on a house, just look at he water bill. Anybody with good economic and business sense knows that a suburb is the best bet politically, economically and socially.

Anonymous said...

I went and looked at a project house this past week. Good lord, there is more work than anybody but the most motivated and skilled rehab guy could do. I would imagine 99.9% of these houses are the exact same. They're all built around the same time; 1920's - 1950's. After the big spending construction that predated these houses (the late 1800's Victorian era), the population started to boom and so did cheap, low skilled builders and material. There is very little to bring most of these back from the brink. But, then if you do, it's still located in one of the most dangerous areas of the Country per capita. Rather than land bank fire sales, the City should probably should just look into razing them after a period of vacant years.