Friday, May 26, 2017

Kansas City Crime Round-Up Part Deux

The violent weekend is underway, take a look . . .

Kansas City Gunmen On The Run

Police search for 3 men in carjacking, crash near 87th, Wornall

Matt Evans/KMBC SOURCE: Matt Evans/KMBC Kansas City police are searching for three men suspected in a carjacking and crash Friday morning near 87th Street and Wornall Road. Police said officers spotted a tan Mazda Tribute that has been reported stolen in a carjacking.

Grizzly Killing Suspect On The Outskirts Of Town

Prosecutors to seek death penalty in quadruple homicide

PLATTE CITY, Mo. (AP) - Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty if a northwest Missouri man is convicted of killing four member of his family. The Kansas City Star reports a June 1 hearing is scheduled in Platte County Circuit Court for prosecutors to argue for the chance to seek the death penalty against 25-year-old Grayden Lane Denham.

Follow-up From Our Midday

Eight shot in 48 hour span in Kansas City, including one homicide

Eight people were shot in a span of 48 hours in Kansas City, including a homicide Wednesday that claimed the life of a 28-year-old man. No charges have been announced in any of the shootings. Antonio C. Hughes of Kansas City was found fatally shot Wednesday at 57th Street and Bales.

Developing . . .


Bob said...

Grayden Lane is overjoyed. If he is convicted of 1st degree murder and gets the death penalty, he is almost guaranteed to live longer than he would have otherwise. And eat better food too.

Anonymous said...

That's all, just 8 ???

can't we make it like 70 or 80 ???

Also BIG Party this memorial day weekend at MAYOR SLY James house and Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker home too,, everybody invited

FREE DRINKS and FREE FOOD,, all weekend long !!!!

Their both Degenerate liberal libtards and their all about that FREE STUFF !!!

especially if your an illegal foreigner , so drop by their homes theis weekend enjoy FREE everything !!!!

Anonymous said...

I read the story above on Graydon Lane and if I were prosecutor in this case,I would feel fine with ten years-supervised-probation, with ankle bracelet & house arrest,except for work,followed up with intense, one on one & group therapy.

IMO,he has a great shot a being rehabilitate !! I feel like the system has let Graydon fall through the cracks.We must do better for our mentally ill citizens,do right by them!! Or this is what we end up with.. SMH

Anonymous said...

Hey there 7:43 , free food , booze , drugs , hookers , TRANNY BITCHES , guns and ammo ?¿

Anonymous said...

The "Deliverance" look. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Put another way, every six hours in Killer City, someone takes a bullet.

Anonymous said...

"Grizzly Killing Suspect On The Outskirts Of Town." This headline informs us the perp killed a big bear. The word is grisly.

Anonymous said...

Look at the perp ^^ Genius.
I'm almost 100% sure it was a play on words. Do ya get it now?? Get back to your shredded wheat,finish up.its almost nap time..yes you can have jello when you wake up