Tuesday, May 02, 2017


Here's an essential bit of documentation that should cast a moment of doubt into the minds of voters who have been listening to promises from City Hall about tourism and the need for City Hall to back a pricey private project. Checkit:

A History of Kansas City's Convention Pursuits

Consultant suggests convention-center expansion. Expansion disappoints. Consultant suggests 1,000-room hotel. No one questions consultant about previous suggestion. Instead, city officials gleefully accept hotel recommendation and hire the consultant to conduct further study.The above was taken from a Pitch piece in May 2010, and it is certainly as true today as it was then.


Anonymous said...

KCMO government can be pared down to just the people who write checks to consultants, construction firms, "developers", development attorneys, out-of-town professors with big big ideas, and salesmen selling nifty cutting-edge crap like Shot Spotter.
All the rest of the city employees can be let go.
And with a brand new $800 million flowing soon into the trough at 12th and Oak, the pushing and shoving in the line of usual suspects will be getting much much worse.
A city that works.
Just not for you.

Anonymous said...

But this time it will be different, just trust them. If the hotel doesn't work we can always expand Bartle again.

Anonymous said...

Racial epithets, go:

Anonymous said...

Remember when the FFA / Future Farmers of America pulled out of Bartle Hall back in 2001 because the place was Dirty and Nasty, evidently KCMO City Hall hired a bunch of EOE Degenerates who just went down there and stood around and did nothing !!!

That's that EOE & NAACP Shit for ya,,,,, see how well it doesn't work,,,,

Anonymous said...

the convention center did a great job recently at a fancy dinner. everyone was very complimentary.

Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT fact-based article by Tuohey!

Pro-development consultants, who make their living playing cities off against each other, will always come back with a report claiming that IF you only expand more, untold wealth will effortlessly flow into city coffers.

Anonymous said...

As long as we ignore the real problems all the bullshit pet projects in the world will do nothing to make KC a great town.

Retro ROCKER said...

Many City's have fallen because of consultants,Politicians have fallen because of consulting, Looking at the last election,I would not trust a consultant There after the tax payers money before the travel industry economy tanks and with the Kansas City crime rate The bad public relations T.M.Z IS REPORTING ON K.C. CRIME WOULD YOU STAY DOWN TOWN