Friday, May 05, 2017


In his latest newsletter, Congressman Cleaver offers a scathing critique of GOP Healthcare victory.


The Height of Irresponsibility

As you might already know, I am deeply troubled by the decision Congress made yesterday to pass the American Health Care Act, also known as “Trumpcare”. Some of you may have assumed that I voted “No” to stay within party lines but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is, I am troubled by the decision my colleagues made to put party before people. Republicans voted to end health care as we know it for pure political reasons.

They wanted a “win” so badly that they passed a bill without holding hearings to get expert testimony on the effects of the policy, without waiting for evaluation by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, without understanding what the consequences will be for American families. That rush of power came at a high cost. The cost of 24 million Americans who will now lose health care. To not fully examine the impacts to an industry, that is one-sixth of our economy, is the height of irresponsibility.

The majority of the people affected will be working families, seniors, children and the poor … the most vulnerable of us all. Families whose children are born with birth defects or even conditions such as diabetes, or heart disease will see premiums and deductibles so expensive, they will not be able to afford health insurance. People with pre-existing conditions, especially our seniors, will pay more for less insurance coverage. Rural America will have far less access to health care resources. Fourteen million people will lose their Medicaid.

I have heard families say “my mother, father, son, or daughter has cancer and without Obamacare, he or she would not have been able to get the life-saving treatments they needed to survive”. What will they say now, “the insurance is so expensive, we don’t know how we are going to pay for it?” Why should a family have to make that choice?

The Republicans then stood behind President Trump on the White House lawn, praising the ill-conceived and poorly-executed Trumpcare bill. These men and women supported the wealthy and the insurance companies, not Americans like you or me.
I implore my congressional colleagues to put themselves in the shoes of the millions of Americans who have just had the rug pulled out from under them. American families who are afraid that they won’t be able to afford their medications or the life-saving treatments that their loved ones need.

Yesterday was a sad day for America, but today is a new day. The fight is not over. All Americans deserve access to healthcare and I will continue to stand up for them.

Emanuel Cleaver, II
Member of Congress


Anonymous said...

he might have a point but what I think is far worse is the way that Rep. Paul Ryan argued against this same kind of ram through when Obamacare was in question but used the exact same tactics for this bill. I guess the U.S. is never going to get serious bout devising a healthcare system that works.

Anonymous said...

Senate will vote it down or change it dramatically.

Anonymous said...

Cleaver is still an idiot

Anonymous said...

Jim nailed it today

"Under the current system, a hospital can bill you $5,999 to stitch up a cut finger, mitigate a bee-sting, or wind an Ace bandage around a sprained ankle, and you’re sure not to learn the cost-of-treatment until the postman drops off the incomprehensible “explanation of benefits” from the insurance company that states in bold print on top “This Is Not a Bill,” but actually is a report of your own incipient financial ass-raping."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pay your debt shit breath.

Anonymous said...

5:36....What do you expect from Paul Ryan when the Democrats refuse to work together on the issue and just sing songs on the house floor like Manson followers. I'm sure they read it before they passed it so they knew what was in it, and I don't appreciate Obama forcing me to pay for some ones abortion. Also penalizing people who don't want to pay Obama's high premiums...what is that?

Obama screwed this up and killed small business including my tenants who have been in business for years. It made full time workers forced to go part time.

And as far as Cleaver goes I agree, he is an IDIOT!

So instead of Cleaver bitching and spewing bullshit he needs to help with the solution!

Bob said...

The "height of irresponsibility" actually is not paying off your SBA loan.

To the Ass Scratchers bellowing political bullshit said...

Here is the truth of the matter. You mouthy fucks that know little yet bellow like you are important best hope you never need medical care. Obamacare was a disaster but the idea of having healthcare is not.

Make America Great Again, you idiots that bit into that apple are just that. Idiots. The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world without universal healthcare for it's people. Why ? To start with we have more worthless people on welfare, having 7 or 8 kids and not knowing a single baby daddy, and a prison system bloated with weed and non-violent inmates at a cost of about $75,000 per person a year. Yeppers, and guess what else ? Those inmates have health care.

So you bellowing shit heads that want to make this about Dumbocrats or Rinos, shut the fuck up and go back to scratching your asses.

Anonymous said...

KU Meds giant expansion at 39th and rainbow is more important then affordable care.

How else in the hell you gonna pay for this shit if it's cheap!

Anonymous said...

Why so many defend the broken life negroes choose to live is beyond me. Their relentless obsession with wrong doing, mixed with endless paths leading to destruction, is too damaged and impossible to uplift. They will never be in a “working order” or in “one piece” so to speak, never. There is no serviceable condition with negroes.

Can you say: Haiti? Can you say: white South Africans?

Taking up the multicultural cause. Holding hands with diversity and loading up the life boats with all the excess baggage that follows them is walking YT through a one way door.

There will be no coming back. It truly will be our demise. It will be the end.

We are allowing them to burn our bridges, dismantle our monuments and criminalize some of our symbols. Their crimes are proof of their contempt for our laws, our women, our children and our race. They’re testing our strength with their child soldiers as I type. All over the Nation we’re being attacked. Still, no defense for YT from our own Government, just total support and financial gain for the federal negro.

Our Government rewards the negro for their pathetic, larcenist, perverted ways. What’s wrong with that picture?

Anonymous said...

Obama care was crammed down every bodies throats so don't go there, nobody wants the government involved in health care, this is not about affordable healthcare as much as it is about people getting cheap healthcare that the taxpayers pay for to make it cheap.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself about these welfare mommas not knowing who baby daddy is because they do, there's more money given to them from the Feds, the state, counties and the cities combined than baby daddy could ever dream of giving them plus free health care. Why the hell do you think health insurance is so high to begin with? Just keep working so the tax money you have to pay is covering their asses

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the politicians bitching about who gives out better hand outs.

Anonymous said...

Ya,fuck it..Im chronically sick.I can't work,CAN'T. my meds ,just one of twelve ,is 4k a month. I'm not on disability, I've tried. I live in a world of pain & worry, but fuck it,now I'll just lay down and die!! Sorry kids.Daddy did try.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^^^Kill yourself white trash.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Shut the fuck up Buckwheat Beanerkoe.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...