Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Kansas City Ad Hoc Group Against Crime Marks 40-Year Anniversary

An emergency response program that was created as a response to an uptick in homicides has, for better and worse, become a local industry. Here's the otherwise upbeat report counting time:

AdHoc Group Against Crime celebrates 40th anniversary

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For 40 years the AdHoc Group Against Crime has worked with victims and their families who have been touched by criminal activity. On Wednesday, several members of the AdHoc Group will be recognized for their work.


Anonymous said...

40 years, millions of dollars and how has our city improved for it's most vulnerable citizens?

Anonymous said...

KCMO regularly suffers fully one-third the number of murders as New York City.
2016 statistics:
KCMO population 472,000 127 homicides
NYC population 8.5 million 335 homicides
So ad Hoc, NoVa, Aim4Peace, and all the other fake and totally ineffective and unaccountable nonprofits should take a bow.
And any government, foundation, corporation, or individual who contributes money to keep these jokes going should ask themselves what in the world they're thinking about.
A great example of the old adage that if you do the same thing the same way with the same people, the results will be the same.
Close to ten murders a month so far in 2017.

Super Dave said...

I would be ashamed to celebrate anything if I was a member of this so called AdHoc Group. 40 years and they still haven't figured out what the issue is.

Anonymous said...

40 years of mostly providing Alvin Brooks and his cadre of friends/family with some additional income. Admittedly they have a nice profile in the community. But just like Aim for Peace-----measurable results based on their mission tend to be missing.

Anonymous said...

Running the Ad-Hoc GAC for the last 40 years is similar to operating a private company without a P&L but with a continuing supply of money. When there is no performance result by which to judge yourself and make adjustments as necessary, you may get the results you want but it's by accident, not design.

...and in the Ad-Hoc's case, they're not getting any results. Similar to the KCMO school district, it's become nothing more than a cash cow for the connected east side, and any attempts to shut of the spigot of money or demand accountability will be met with cries of racism.

Anonymous said...

40 years of failure

Anonymous said...

I see Alvin scored an outfit from Harold Penner for the occasion. Lolz