Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Historic Kansas City Destruction Continues

Check this important column chronicling the ongoing failure of Kansas City historic preservation:

Northeast News: When a landmark isn’t a landmark

Money line:

"It’s no surprise that historic buildings in this cow town tumble to the wrecking ball at twice the rate of those in cities with effective preservation ordinances. Why you ask? Older cities such as St. Louis or say for example Charlestown, South Carolina actually have a Landmarks Commission that will stand up to developer attorneys instead of folding like a cheap card table in a stiff wind."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Independence MO does an outstanding job with preservation

Anonymous said...

These folks need to get on the bandwagon and join the "activists" in the "resistance movement".
Then they can march around, get to be on tv, take selfies, and make believe they're actually accomplishing something like the rest of the gang.
And it looks like they might be the ONLY group that isn't already part of this endless joke.
Time on your hands?
Get on board!

Anonymous said...

It's only a preservation-minded committee when their are preservation grants / tax dollars / etc. on the line. When the almighty dollar is easiest made by tearing things down, preservation be damned.

...and the commission is appointed by Sly, is their any wonder where their loyalties will lie?