Friday, May 05, 2017

H&R Block Dumps VML Amid Trump Slump

Probably the most interesting biz news today . . . Don't forget that the the President has said he wants to put this local company out of business, they're now switching up their marketing and moving away from a local company. Take a look:

H&R Block unfollows local ad agency - Kansas City Business Journal

H&R Block Inc. is unfollowing VML, moving its social marketing business away from the local agency, Advertising Age reports. The move by H&R Block came as the Kansas City-based tax preparer consolidated marketing work. It moved its social media work from VML to Fallon and moved its broadcast media buying to Mediavest Spark.

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Anonymous said...

If Trump puts Bloch pit of business it would be right up there with nuking North Korea. Fucking Bloch is a nemesis.