Monday, May 08, 2017

Gunfire From Emboldened Suspects Targets Kansas City Police Amid Car Chase Last Night

Another sign of wild local times that was previewed in TKC comments last night. Here's the write-up:

One person in custody after chase that began when shots reportedly fired at KC police

One person is in custody after a chase that began when shots were fired at Kansas City police officers Sunday night, according to KMBC. The chase began about 10 p.m. when officers reported that someone had fired shots at their patrol car.


StreetCarSamurai said...

Last night was crazy. Local news doesnt even come close to reporting how wild it gets in KCMO. There are so many news stories found on TKC that FOX 4, KCTV 5, KMBC 9, and KSHB 41 would never put on the air. Why? I think city hall has a real tight leash on them. Local news doesnt do a damn thing when it comes to accountability in our local governance. Its a joke.

I learned last night listening to 3 hours of scanner just how fucked this city is. There wasnt just one or two shootings like you read in the Star (if you read the star lol). There was more like 10, and thats just what was called in. Who knows what the real numbers are.

I never venture to the east side, but last night I learned how bad Prospect really is. Multiple armed robberies along it, in just one night. Stabbings, fights, prowlers. All the shit that goes down east of 71 highway. A black Ford Mustang on I-70 was speeding and shooting at cars in the middle of the night. Who does this? Then there was the white girl in a tank top being dragged up some stairs at some shitty apartment complex in the hood screaming by two black men in dreads.

The Mayor of this town always pulls the political gun control card. Its the guns he says. The guns are the problem. Well, guns are among the various tools used Mr Mayor, but they are not the root cause of the problem. Its the culture of KCMO that is the problem.

The plaza isnt safe anymore when the temperatures rise over 75 degrees in the evenings on the weekends. We all know what is happening, stop playing dumb and acting like its teens throwing popcorn in a movie theater.

Learned another thing last night about those shitty houses the city is selling for a few dollars. Whoever buys those and begins remodeling is a prize target for the KCMO burglar community. They know contractors leave tools and building materials in there. How sad it is for someone to think they are getting some kind of good deal by the city dumping liability on to them. Then you have your dumb ass hipsters moving into crime infested areas thinking its cool. Real cool until the guy last night got jacked by a car load of black dudes wearing ski masks with guns. You fucking white liberals disgust me with your weakness and your guilt.

Also learned how dangerous it is to leave your garage door open after dark. Not only because of thieves, but because people fleeing crime scenes of shootings like to run into them and hide from the po-leece.

Again, I ask: WTF did Chief Forte do? Im asking what did he do besides getting paid a TON of money, and speaking well on camera. It got WORSE under him. Murders up, plaza getting worse. Its like ISIS under Obama. The threat just gets minimalized on camera, and "oh we have it under control". Yet, as time goes on we see that it isnt so. Only to incubate and worsen.

Woe to this city come this summer. If you live in KCMO get home after dark. There are predators on these streets. Protect yourself. Arm yourself. Just from my own experiences there are gas stations even near city market that are dangerous after dark. Those two Phillips 66 stations are meeting spots for drug deals. They come up from the east side to the nicer areas and meet there. Dont believe me? Go to the Phillips 66 on 6th and Grand on a warm weekend night after the sun goes down. Most people wont have their pants pulled up past their knees, and shitty music will be blasting from multiple cars. This isnt on troost or prospect, this is right across from the river market. They station KCMO police there on the weekends. If your local gas station has to have police there....its time to move. And move I am doing. Im getting the fuck out of here.

StreetCarSamurai said...

One last thing I forgot to mention. The police officers that were getting shot at last night, and responding to the numerous calls were very professional. The sad thing is that it just seemed so routine to to them, that it was more like "just another night in KC" type of thing.

Anonymous said...

You are correct sir, I hear the same shit every night on my scanner, wonderful thing to have to get the truth about this fucked up city. Thanks mayor blowhard bullhorn

Anonymous said...

Hey there you guys many thanks for letting us know what the hell is going on in reality , not the fake news bullshit that our local metrosexual TV station people never talk about . The Plaza shit hole is in a downward spiral of mugging, robbing raping car jacking assault shooting that is just gunna ramp up and get worse over the summer .We ALL feel sorry for the people who have to work on the hell hole plaza , worrying about getting robbed mugged raped carjacked assaulted while at a bus stop or walking in one of those whacked out gang bangers Boyz parking garage spots . Keep us posted on the reality of shit going on in the metrosexual TRANNY Killa city ¡!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

...and goes on.

Anonymous said...

Again,smart ass.don't think you're immune.
The democratic party thought that,with their oh so laid back arrogant asses.

Look at em now..Dead Duck's.

On second thought..don't you worry bout a thing,champ.
Its all good.

Anonymous said...

WELCOME to how a LIBERAL ran city operates, by Degenerate Communist loving Liberals who cater & Pander to Criminals, Thugs, Terrorists, Rapists and child molesters !

That pretty much sums up the Democratic Liberal Commie Party !!!

KCMO City Hall is chocked full of those types, just look at SLY JAMES and the rest of the Degenerates inside KCMO City Hall !!!