Sunday, May 07, 2017

Fear The Truman Heritage Fest Shootout

Gunfire late last night offers a peek at why the Kansas City metro can't have anything nice. Checkit:

Grandview police investigating shots fired near Truman Heritage Festival

GRANDVIEW, Mo. - Police are investigating after a shots fired incident near The View Community Center at 135th and Byars. Rd. The Truman Heritage Festival was wrapping up near the area when police were called to the area on reports of a large disturbance and possible shots fired.


Anonymous said...

rodney king and Arby's

Anonymous said...

Grandview went down the shitter way, way before downtown was ever revitalized. You want to blame anything blame slumlords who take Sec 8. Blame rentals, you can watch any area go down once rentals become prevalent, especially once the black plague moves in.

Anonymous said...

Very seldom can a young group of Black YOUTH gather without there being violence,,,,,

Just ask KCMO Mayor SLY JAMES,, he'll tell ya' all about it !!!!!!

Silverback Sly said...

I have no doubts just simply stating that they are being busses out of downtown more and more and the south towns are the ones falling to shit.

Retro ROCKER said...

And you want a street car going through Midtown suppose there is a gang that wants to shoot up a street car You will build the street car and deal with the crime later