Monday, May 08, 2017


Gunfire rings out in a posh suburban enclave that still isn't safe from increasing violence targeting shoppers and the "nicer" parts of Kansas City.

The latest:

KMBC: Kansas City Police investigating life-threatening shooting in neighborhood near Zona Rosa

KCTV5: Police are investigating a life-threatening shooting in the 8600 block of N. Rhode Avenue in Kansas City.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Weez competin' wit Baltimore!

Anonymous said...

LOL. More OT for the Police Chief.

Anonymous said...

...and goes on.

StreetCarSamurai said...

Someone got shot in KCK at the Legends, and someone else got shot in south KCMO. Before the sun went down, and in broad daylight. Did someone pour crazy potion in the water on both sides of state line last week?

Maybe I will have to tune into the scanner again around 10ish. Usually my signal to tune in is when there are multiple police sirens flying down the roads in my area. Usually hear them about 20 times a day, and have become accustomed to what minor incidents and major incidents sound like in the distance. Last night sounded like a major incident, and sure enough it was after tuning in. It was the chase after the cop was shot at. Then all hell broke loose across the city for hours.

This warmth is some kind of triggering event. The warmth triggers the plaza mobs too. Definitely warm and dry out today/tonight like yesterday.

Didnt ride the street car today so nothing interesting to report there.

Anonymous said...

8:28 for most of us,true,but don't get too complacent.
Hillary and the gang did just that..look where they're all at now..Dead ducks.

Anonymous said...


Dead on the money.

Thanks for the info.

None of it is surprising, just more violence and dysfunction thanks to low life, sub human filth, but, still, nice to get the facts from your scanner. Very cool.

StreetCarSamurai said...

Starting the scanner this Monday night at 10:30pm

813 north prospect disturbance
6006 e 31st st disturbance

1205 e 85th disturbance-black male in Royals jersey refusing to leave BB's BBQ

8805 leeds rd disturbance

black male with gun wearing chicago bulls hat, unrecognizable location. pointed a gun at someone from a silver honda

2304 Poplar requests the wagon 10:37pm

cleaver and chestnut looking for felon suspect

--> 2501 e 35th st shots fired shots fired rounds hitting in the middle of the street.

carjacking suspect in custody after pursuit

prowler on 61st & tracy trying to break into females house while she is home. female says shes sure its her neighbor

black female on troost having an overdose on something

brush creek and paseo some kind of disturbance going on

woman screaming for help 3906 clark disturbance

blue ford taurus black male with dreads hit and run

lindwood & chestnut minivan running from the police when lights turned on, then suspects bailed on foot

3938 wyandotte prowler reported black male looking for windows to go in

5261 n antioch at walmart in parking lot near loading docks, black male in white t shirt breaking into parked semi

(it has only been 30 minutes so far of scanner and ive only listed half the calls coming in)

black female in her 50s panhandling on paseo for money at stoplights

11 PM:

35th prospect someone with a gun. black 9mm pistol. black female fired shot into the air. Pink pants brown boots with purse on shoulder.

silver monte carlo on I35 with only three wheels, hazard lights on sparks flying everywhere driving down the highway

400 block north hardesty shots being fired

4105 north belmont disturbance someone with knife threatening, asking shoal creek for backup.

PD need another wagon, calling other patrols to check on availability

homeowner watching someone breaking into her house while she is in the street in her car on garfield

All this in under 45 mins (not counting everything I didnt list)

Anonymous said...

Northland is a lost cause.

StreetCarSamurai said...

light skinned black male 6'3 with knife who was threatening people at 4105 north belmont fled on foot out on the loose before PD arrived. People living there refusing to let the police inside.

35th and prospect requesting a wagon (35th and prospect has been the most often called about location)

shooting at vivian and antioch, side of planet fitness guy shot in the back of the neck.

Helo up in the air searching for suspects in some field, now heading to the shooting at planet fitness. someone called in to PD and said there is about to be a homicide in a calm voice before the shooting reported.

550 e 105 extended stay people carjacking

its 11:30 now

StreetCarSamurai said...

11:31 pm

600 e 12th st female sexually assaulted, male refusing to leave

Helicopter flying over the reported shooting location at planet fitness, not seeing anything. Might be hoax call? caller from planet fitness called from the business and told the police there is going to be a homicide and then hung up. something is weird.

barry rd black female mindlessly walking in the road in front of cars

short on supervisors tonight

6011 n martin dr disturbance

12th prospect --gray honda carjacking. suspect used red box cutter to steal the car. driving westbound.

2728 ne vivion rd suspicious person

74th paseo someone with a gun. group of people with guns. silver chevy malibu with tinted windows. group is scoping out some houses with guns in hand.

planet fitness homicide call in person is being taken to hospital for mental health.

cemetery on troost someone broke in entrance

2728 ne vivion bank of america people inside possibly. request K-9

37th prospect suspicious person white tshirt following a female harassing her

3301 and uninteligble st black male refusing to leave, destroying apartment

3435 main. intruder alarm going off. two people seen on recording.

Bank of America on vivion rd suspect said he broke into bank so he wouldnt get killed. suspect in custody. requesting shackles and EMS.

670 & I70 Volkswagen passat ks tags. car is stolen, owners cell phone is in car and is tracking the location online while the suspect is fleeing.

carjacking on woodland of black lexus

4533 Forrest, 14 year female old highly intoxicated. caller says she ran away is their grandaughter

5218 NE 45th st. several females screaming in the street at the house

black male confirmed blood gang member, massive rap sheet being reported on suspect background call in on troost.

8900 NW Skyview at home depot several vehicles broken into. suspects still breaking into vehicles.

12:00am now

Anonymous said...

Hey now, Samurai, a new airport--that huge convention hotel--and the streetcar extension will fix all the FUBAR and make KC frosty!

StreetCarSamurai said...


person outside with gun 6oth NW Prairie View area. someone was being beaten in parking lot of some complex by person with gun. Willow Lake possibly?

6237 waldren/walgren? shots fired/drive by shooting

45th and Cleveland shots fired

60th swope 10 shots heard


211 nichols black males yelling at security

2617 e 27th black male with dreads, blue jeans, black jacket, carrying black laptop bag. tried to kidnap a female callers daughter. daughter wearing a flower dress.

68th and jackson 11 shots fired

4740 jefferson black male car prowler in dark jeans

12105 e 43rd burglar at fitness place

2608 e 79th person with gun

5208 NE 45th strong armed robbery. attacked and robbed by two white males. EMS in route.

300 armor ambulance call. highly intoxicated person

ford motor plant multiple employee vehicles broken into

8700 holmes someone beating on their apt door

2330 jarboe disturbance/fight

There is a red dodge ram on oakley driving with its lights off into driveways of vacant homes to break in

more gunshots being called in, couldnt get the address due to multiple radio calls cutting each other out

63rd and waldren/walren? where earlier assault and shots fired report they discovered shell casings. setting up a scene to collect evidence.

3801 e 71st female being assaulted by her neighbor

4935 park residential burglary in progress. two black males with a ladder

363 highland suicidal person, drinking beer and upset he isnt allowed talk to a particular female at a crisis center

Churches chicken break in, couldnt understand the address

7802 n camden reported prowler trying to open doors

24 vanbrunt black male badly assaulted wearing cargo pants, head injury.

WELL...its 1am folks. Not as wild as last night, but for a Monday night? We had two people shot in daylight on Monday and multiple shooting reports across the city tonight. Lots of burglaries both residential and at businesses. Also, it appears there are a lot of just flat out crazy in KCMO. I think I will tune in Friday, should be good!

In addition I noticed nobody who was assaulted or carjacked tonight or last night used a concealed pistol to defend themselves. Tonight some guy was carjacked by a guy with a box cutter. Defend yourself people. Dont let these monsters get the best of you, or take your life over your property. These burglaries are peppered all over. From the northland to south KC. You have a right to defend yourselves. Noticed that the police can get very bogged down on multiple calls. Especially when they have multiple shootings going on. So calling 911 doesnt mean they are able to show up. Especially when they are so busy they are pulling units from other patrol districts in high intensity times. This is part of the response times issue.

One last thing. Most people dont know that just because the local news doesnt show a homicide, doesnt mean gunshots werent going off across the city. These shootings seem pretty common.

Anonymous said...

lol 12:21


StreetCarSamurai said...

11:17 your comment makes sense. I am not familiar with the northland much, but I am now lol.

I still have the scanner on. its still busy folks.


6th & monroe (just south of independence ave. car with dark tinted windows parked on side of street. male in vehicle with gun selling drugs to multiple people walking up to window.

westbound I-70 by adams dairy Jackson County sheriff in high speed pursuit over 100mph approaching woods chapel. (last night on I-70 there was a black ford mustand speeding and shooting at other cars)

Chick Filet on state line road is being broken into (funny because a fried chicken joint was broken into earlier)

6623 harrison female armed with knife threatening someone. two people in custody

2:25am 815 smith, one shot fired into the air. black male in dark shirt blue jeans. shot fired from stolen minivan into residence. address is flagged, requires supervisor to come.

5305 euclid. EMS responded to female with seizures. other party there being belligerent with medics, need police to come.

(KCMO PD picking up a lot of people on felony warrants tonight that they are calling in from traffic stops).

3311 Benton blvd burglary. someone crawled into a window. home owner doesnt speak english.

homeless black male smoking PCP in front of downtown hotel acting strange, Crown plaza

2:41am 424 westport strong armed robbery. black male with afro in blue hoodie and jeans. (this is McCoys bar in westport)

4443 college, female who called earlier tonight about black male with laptop bag trying to take her daughter updates he is a locally known pedophile

9622 raytown rd, black male with flashlight wearing a dark hoodie and backpack pulling his pants down shining the light on the road. said to be high on something. (PCP seems to be going around in KCMO tonight)

on pershing near crown center next to washington park black male with pistol talking to white male. security watching on camera. black male stumbling around. black male is now taking selfies with his gun on his cellphone.

94th and cleveland. caller said people are fighting, hung up wont answer.

3100 e 49th swope plaza 4 people outside doing drugs

9410 myrtle female with knife outside of apartment trying to go after another female

Update on black male on raytown road in hoodie wearing backpack shining flashlight onto street with pants dropped just got done smoking PCP.

63rd st & chestnut strong armed robbery. two black males. one in blue shirt. one in black shirt. (police at scene radioed to report strong arm robbery did not occur, but an assault.

EMS requested for suspect on PCP

officer requesting EMS for bite on the hand. was not clear if the officer was bit, or if it was someone else.

st joseph hospital reports disturbance. security says nurse told him to call police for someone going crazy in the emergency room. (another PCP situation)?

more handgun serial number checks

some female and a juvenile just ran into a pole. EMS dispatched

Well folks time to go to sleep. Have to be up in 4 hours. Wondering what the story on these PCP incidents is. Is it coming back, did it ever really go away, or is there a bad batch going around. This is a Monday night in KCMO people. A freakin Monday! Well, Tuesday technically. If this is a sign of what is to come this summer...buckle up. Its crazy out there when the sun sets over City Hall. I-70 is pretty dangerous too. Seems pretty easy to get randomly shot at or caught up in some high speed chase.

Anonymous said...

Nigs in the Northland. What will they think of next?

Citizen said...

Good info Street Car Samurai. This stuff has been going on for thirty years. Folks aren't concerned unless it concerns them or their loved ones. One thing that has changed is the northland and Johnson county Kansas is experiencing what Jackson county folks have been putting up with forever. Heck I moved out of northeast kcmo to get away from the crime. It's been pretty nice up north. The inner city of kcmo crime is non stop 24/7. Cars stolen or vandalized or broken into ,folks up all night prowling the neighborhoods , car jacking, murder, rape, assault, bar disturbances , road rage, robbery,burglary, residential, business, harassment , random gunfire, stalkers, drug dealing houses, arson, you name it. No room in the Jackson county jail catch and release system because society is taxed out. Oh yeah arm yourselves and train and obey the law and it'll all work out. Above all defend yourself and if they'll let you walk away then walk away. If they won't let you walk away then you know , you know you'll have to get with the program And make a true believer out of them.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Crime. It happens. Everywhere. ...and goes on. KC is still NOT Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Getting there fast, because we minimize or ignore the issue, like you! ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How far do these scanners go? Could I listen to KCMO in southern JOCO?

Anonymous said...

Crime. It happens. What are you prepared to do about it? up here EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and cry like a bunch of scared little bitches you are?

Anonymous said...

^ and you're here to read it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Who's the stupid one?

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, ^^TuffNuts/1:51, how 'bout we anonymously call you a loser bitch for labeling free speech commenters scared little bitches?!
Sad cuz you're already back at your desk before 2pm, and didn't get that entire 2 hour beer lunch today. You'll be frosty after the usual 2nd nap there at 12th & OkieDoke.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit ! All this douchebag LIBERAL Democrat crime and violence going on on a week night when it's relatively cool outside . This PUNK ASS THUG bullshit is just gunna hump bangers Boyz so much worse when those whacked out hot summer days and nights get here , YIKES ¡!¡!

Anonymous said...

All true in essence. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Maybe actually try to do something about it? What a Concept!

Anonymous said...

Very nice , well said ,true DAT 4:53 !

Anonymous said...

There is nothing "posh" about the suburban enclave next to Zona Rosa. It's mostly ordinary ticky tack houses next to an open-air mall that's trying to be the "Plaza of the North"..... Some of the stores are Bath & Body Works, Forever 21, Game Stop, Old Navy, Victoria's Secret and Yankee Candle. Nothing exclusive or upscale there.

Bad people live in the Northland, too. We aren't the untouched and safe area everyone seems to think we are. Crime is here.