Friday, May 05, 2017


Today's reminder that investing in home theater is always the right move . . . AND Barrywoods 24 might consider cleaning up their grindhouse along with those filthy, filthy carpets.


Fox4: Following report of man touching himself in Northland movie theater, another woman shares similar incident


Another woman has come forward, claiming a man stared at her, pulled down his pants and touched himself inside a Kansas City movie theater. It's the second cinema creep case FOX 4 has heard this week, following a story Wednesday night about a metro mom and her 10-month-old son. They were at a Northland theater when a man began touching himself. Now another woman claims the same man did the same thing to her, in the same theater.

More deets . . . Here is the VIVID description from our favorite family friendly TV news outlet:

It was in November. A clean-cut man followed Melody and her friend into the theater and sat one seat away from her. When the previews started rolling, the man took off his pants.

"He had put his leg over the chair that was in between us, he had his whole body angled towards me. He was looking at me the entire time."

She froze, as he masturbated for 20 minutes, staring at her the entire time. Melody says it felt like hours but she was too scared to move.

"We didn't know if we got up to leave if he had a weapon, if he was going to follow us out, if he is going to force us into a vehicle."

The man ran off, and she went straight to AMC management and police. She says she felt AMC didn't take it seriously.

And yes, while that does seem dangerous . . . It also reads like the laughing scene from 80s movie classic Porky's . . . Which makes sense given that the Wacky Hijinks from 80s Comedies Were Mostly Rape.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Byron? Come on, dont be doing that stuff!

Anonymous said...

Boys will be Boys.

Anonymous said...

The lady sat there and watched him for 20 minuets? Really? Really?

Anonymous said...

If he'd change his name to Michael Jackson all these progressive muddy-sharkles would be begging to watch him play.

Anonymous said...

She watched the peep show for 20 minutes.
Did she tip his underwear bikini a few bucks?

Anonymous said...

The best thing to do in this sitch is NOT to sit there all skeered and bitch-like, but to stare straight at the fucker and encourage his dipshit antics! "Ohhhh yeaaaaaah jerk that thang baybay ohhhhhhhhh yeah ya feelin' GOOD!?!?"

I promise, this is NOT the reaction these idiots are hoping for 🙄

Anonymous said...

20 mins and he didn't cum???

Anonymous said...

^^^^ because it's a made up story^^^^

Anonymous said...

Word has it he could be illegal and with a cheesy blog

Anonymous said...

Quit bitching. With the recent cuts Planned Parenthood is taking sex education to the streets like libtards do with everything. Get over it!