Saturday, May 20, 2017


Thoughtful explanation of a corrupt plan now under legal review . . . The Incredible Shrinking Airport


Anonymous said...

there's something missing here.

tracy thomas said...

It's for the same reason that every nail salon in America gives you your first set of acrylic nails free. Because (unlike me who doesn't have hem) nobody stops with one set. That's just to get you addicted for life.

Come to think about it, drug dealers do the same thing. First hit of heroin or meth is free. You'll.Be.Back.

Once Burns and Mac and Sly James ram thru Terminal 1 for 35 gates, they've set a precedent. The rest is just expansion on an already approved business model.

tracy thomas said...

Ya know, it's sad. I'm just the 2nd commenter on this. But over 60 folks ran their mouths (anonymously of course, cowards that they are) about Chelsea Manning.

What's clear is that men who don't have anything constructive to say about an important issue that affects the valuation of their home town love to run their mouth about something they a. know nothing about, eg sex reassignment vs. b. the KCI airport.


Anonymous said...

Most men don't give a shit about the airport because they know when the fix is in. We really just worry about how to keep our jobs and feed the kids. Most Men think Bradly Manning is a man and should act like one. We have deserving Veterans that could use the money wasted on Pvt. Manning. He should be in prison. Fuck you Tracy Thomas, you just lost a supporter.

Anonymous said...

I purposing another 15 million of TAX PAYER MONEY to have live RAP Bands & Hip Hop bands play or ACT I should say their Auto tune music inside the Airport 24/7.

The fun and Chaos it'll be !!!

complete with Drive by or Run By shootings, Murders RAPES of female travelers, Live Monkey Sex in public, Shouting, cursing, BLM Riots, Degenerate BLM Gangs rioting nightly !

and YOU the TAX PAYERS will be charged & Taxed for all those wonderful activities too !!

Welcome to the Socialist / Communist Agenda & Destruction of your city & community.

brought to YOU by the Socialist Commies of KCMO City Hall !!