Friday, May 26, 2017

Dead-Tree Media No-Bid Airport Endorsement: Kansas City Hates Progress???

In a whimsical column touting touting a great many silly art projects, Kraske comes out of retirement to consider what could be the largest CORRUPT NO-BID CONTRACT in Kansas City's history:

Steve Kraske: KCI fight a reminder of this city's long history of resisting change

Remember what so many people said when Kansas City leaders set out to build the Sprint Center? We don't need it. Kemper Arena still has years of life. We're wasting our money. "This is just not a good deal," former Councilman Paul Danaher said at the time. But build it we did.


Anonymous said...

KC Hates Progress ?????????

Really , ya' they mean like 18th VINE type progress, with over $100 Million Dollars pumped into that Dump over the last 20 years.

Should be worded properly that KC hates "Corruption & Fraud" and "PONZI' SCHEMES" by elected city & county officials !!!

Anonymous said...

In local journalistic circles, a 'kraske' is slang for a blowjob. Derived from the local reporter's total subservience to corrupt authority.

Anonymous said...

What people in the region expect is that when decisions about "progress" are made by local governments, that there are some thoughtful, intelligent, well-informed people involved, that the public actually has a chance to become informed and involved, and that the general public interest is taken into account.
Pretty much none of that takes place in KCMO, where everything is dine behind closed doors and under-the-table, benefits special insiders and interests, not the public, is conducted by elected officials who are amateurs and are regularly taken advantage of, and is sold to the public through disingenuous campaigns based on outright lies.
Then what's built as "progress" isn't even operated or maintained properly and is allowed to fall apart.
Just look at the latest examples:
Rigged streetcar votes
Mike's hotel financing
Airport terminal no-bid deal
Kraske's confusing the "whats" with the "hows.
You would hope that there would be just a couple local "journalists" who would work to actually inform the public and not just be another PR flack.
But they're increasing difficult to find and Kraske certainly isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

Notice how he forgets to mention the P&L District.

And the crap on top of Bartle is still scrap.

Anonymous said...

Kraske equates a few shiny objects with a successful city. Kind of like the hoodrat with 4 $1000 wheels on a 73 Chevy or the red neck with a $60,000 pickup outside his double wide.

The city is losing it's middle class at a rapid rate due to crime, taxes and neglect brought about by spending scarce resources on all the things Kraske so admires.

Polar Bear said...

If that moron from the 6th, Sam Graves flips on the "One Terminal Grift", you can bet $$$$$$$ is changing hands. Hot box Cindy Circo cashes in at B&M these days so the money spigot is flowing otherwise she would be blowing the bear and clipping toenails.

Nothing like a billion dollar money trough for the local heels to fill their pockets.

The bear gets around and there is nothing wrong with KCI as it is. Throw a little lipstick on the pig. If you want "shopping and restaurants" go to the Plaza and carry a 40 with a live one chambered.

Anonymous said...

Here's what is funny about this clueless article....Kay Barnes transformed Kansas City alright, she took a long stretch of Armour Blvd with some of Kansas City's best historical buildings and put section 8 housing in them causing the area to be one of the most dangerous in the city due to a concentrated amount of welfare thugs and pimps. She caused trouble for Hyde Park, ( and I might add... a historic neighborhood that needs to be preserved.) and then called everyone in that neighborhood begging for money after the crime went so high it was the norm to hear three or four drive by's in one hour. She also created crack corner at the intersection of Armour and troost.

Kay Barnes did a lot of harm to Kansas City and she is not smart enough to know that putting high a concentrated amount of section 8 together is trouble, or she just didn't care.

Using Kay Barnes name as an asset to the betterment of Kansas City was a huge mistake.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Is that you Sam ?

Anonymous said...

Did you catch Mayor James on Kraske's radio show the other day?

James was making the same argument that Kraske adopted in this editorial. Coincidence?

Certainly not!

During this short interview with the Mayor, Kraske did slightly push back against the rushed terminal proposal (I was shocked!) but with this editorial is back to shilling for James and Company.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Kraske. He is welcome to spend HIS money any way he wishes. Just keep your dick skinners off mine.

Anonymous said...

This blog is a great example of anti-progress, negativity and glass half empty.

Anonymous said...

if people wanted something new and original, it wouldn't be him. like others, he could bevreplaced by an ai bot churning out predictable filler.

Anonymous said...

Kraske forgets KCMO taxpayer subsidy of Power & Light $15 million a year for Baltimore cordish. Killa City's bad faith and deception with the refinancing of $297 million P&L bonds for two years prior to and during 2015 City elections. Lowering projected City/Taxpayer payment portion from estimated $15 million to $5 million.

What was taxpayer cost of this refinancing deception? Five million? Ten million? Defer paying $10 million for two years by adding to the principal and extend bonds for five or ten years. Kraske is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Did the slurping spunds of kraske's eager mouth make it on the air?

Anonymous said...

Your comment is a great example of a city hall shill.

agentzero said...

Having sly talk about terrorism is preposterous, zero impact on day to day of city but it distracts from what should be basic regular priorities, that issue is above his pay grade

Anonymous said...

That comment had nothing to do with city hall. But your response was super witty and clever. Hats off!