Thursday, May 04, 2017

Conversation With Councilman Quinton Lucas

Great interview with this local rising star elected official . . . Some denizens of our blog community claim a bit of favoritism from TKC but it's hard not to be impressed with one of the very few politicos who continues to advocate for TIF reform while keeping in mind community interests and still staying more upbeat than so many local City Hall critics:

Northeast Newscast Episode 9 - the State of Kansas City w/ 3rd District at-large Councilman Quinton Lucas

By Paul Thompson KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Kansas City's 3rd District at-large City Councilman Quinton Lucas joins the Northeast Newscast this week for a far-reaching discussion about the Kansas City political scene.


Anonymous said...

In the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
But the residents and taxpayers still lost big time!

Anonymous said...

The great taxpayer subsidies con will continue.

Anonymous said...

Just had to try once more to spin some positive PR for "Q" after his last roasting, didn't you?

There's really NO point in trying to put lipstick on this pig, as voters now are onto the Council members who are beholden to the corporate welfare agenda. You may argue that Lucas isn't the worst of the bunch, but in the end, he's merely an actor playing the role of East-side reformer.

He's an East-side transient living in subsidized rental housing (known as the 18th/Vine District) who only got elected to the Council because that district is so apathetic and dysfunctional. In your next posting, and I know there will be another, please list 3 significant changes that Lucas has made since being on the Council.

Anonymous said...

NOTE TO PAUL THOMPSON of the Northeast News, who interviewed Councilman Lucas:

Here's an exercise for you to better hone your journalistic skills. Please re-listen to your recording of the interview, and as much as possible, listen this time imagining that you're not Paul Thompson, but a concerned KCMO voter.

What was the tone of the interview?
Did the interviewer repeatedly praise and gush over the interviewee?
How many times did the interviewer interject "good answer" or some other unnecessary positive affirmation to his subject?
Was there a single instance in which the interviewer challenged the guest on a topic, answer or non-answer?
The Councilman is in his first term on the Council, and has never previously held elective office, so why ask him about running for Mayor, President, or any other position?

If you're doing your job correctly, Councilman Lucas will be asking you for an interview, to communicate with his constituency. Don't become part of the "captured media" whereby you trade positive coverage of a candidate/officeholder in exchange for access to them.

KCMO continues to patiently wait for someone who will start a TV/radio/internet program in which they aggressively question their political guests on behalf of the public. Fair, but aggressive. They would build up such a following that guests would scramble to appear, and those refusing appearances would be seen as wimps.