Kansas Catholic College Cancels Yoga

Morning workout guide . . . This nearby Catholic college rejects the spiritual lessons of an ancient workout practice as they bend and stretch to re-brand their offerings. Take a look:

Atchison's Benedictine College to make changes to yoga classes

A Catholic college in northeast Kansas plans to rename its yoga classes and change the content to ensure they focus only on physical exercise and not spiritual or cultural elements. Benedictine College in Atchison says it will rework its yoga classes after this semester is over.


  1. That is so funny and rich coming the Catholic church...and I am Catholic. Avoid yoga because it conflicts spiritually??? High comedy right there. Who were the concerned parents and students who raised this issue?? The church wonders why they are losing more and more members every year. Let's focus on what matters(i.e. pedophile priests maybe?) instead of the spirituality of yoga. Organized religion is such a sham.

  2. Trading one superstition for the next. Yoga looks a lot more fun than sit, stand, kneel.

  3. Where is the story about what happened with the suicides at Rockhurst High School this week?

  4. Catholics are afraid of the temptation of wet spots in the Danskins.

  5. Muslims would dress them in burkas.


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