Why Is @MayorSlyJames Playing Chicken With Kansas City Infrastructure Conversation?!?

Fact: The Mayor doesn't want to talk about Kansas City Infrastructure with anyone who might disagree with is worldview.

Before a crucial election, Mayor Sly James avoided any debate or tough questions.

Now that Kansas City is on the verge of spending more than $800-MILLION worth of taxpayer cash . . . The Mayor has reportedly dodged another public discussion at the Public Library of all places

Honestly, we can't figure this out . . .

Is the Mayor afraid that he can't answer tough questions???

Is the Mayor hiding from any fair & reasonable public criticism during a MODERATED debate???

Is the spending of TAXPAYER CASH not open for discussion with Mayor Sly James???

Point of fact . . . This isn't a blogger forum, commercial talk show or street fight that the Mayor is reportedly avoiding . . . It's a forum at the PUBLIC LIBRARY that's open to all of Kansas City . . . Even the hobos.

In much the same way that the streetcar vote has undermined Kansas City election process . . . The refusal of Mayor Sly James to answer criticism or questions about his actions in office threatens to weaken Kansas City Democracy and constitutes what should be considered a despicable dereliction of his job requirements.

Developing . . .


  1. When did sly James ever answer tough questions? I'll answer that, never! Mayor James is not capable of managing a broken city with with crumbling infrastructure. People expected at least a stair step decline but thanks to Mayor Sly James who did a stupid song and dance time after time until someone took the Mayor aside and told him he had a serious drinking problem by the time he crashed Salt and Peppa's gig.

  2. CROOKS will pocket every dime of that new infrastructure money. So glad I live in Kansas! Meanwhile bridges crumble in Misery.


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