Tour The Kansas City Russian House!!!

Here's a really nice Kansas City organization worth checking out for those dedicated to celebrating our diverse community . . .

Russian House​ of Kansas City

"Russian House of Kansas City (Russian Cultural Association, Inc.) is a non-profit and non-political organization that is dedicated to promote and celebrate Russian culture. We are involved in activities that preserve and enhance the friendly knowledge of our heritage and language through education and cultural arts. We welcome everybody with shared interests."

Even better . . .

This morning, we invite our blog community readers to ASK ABOUT A FREE TOUR of the KC Russian House . . . All that's required is one of the "I VOTED" stickers for admittance.

Tell them TKC sent you!!!

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  1. Tony, you got me big time! April Fools to you as well. Loved the photo--it's fabu.
    I went looking for the address--confused that of course since they don't have advance voting in KCMO, nobody would HAVE the I voted stickers. But still--since I have Russian relatives, wanted to know where the heck it is!

    Did you build that whole website? With the empty events calendar?

    After such a big week of news ane commentary, you found the energy to enterprise this. Good on you, Ton.

  2. ^^^^^^See I told everyone she was an idiot.

  3. Love your work Tracy! Pay no mind to the buffoons and haters.

  4. ^^^^^ THAT^^^^^^

  5. Trump is money laundering for the Russians by selling them condo's. Hillary on the other hand sells the Russians Uranium.

  6. They lost but just can't stop whining and crying.

  7. One thing is for sure, Trump is not a Communist.

  8. Don from Parkville4/1/17, 7:47 PM

    Hello, my wife is part of this group. They only recently organized and are trying to get the website going. I know this post is satirical but this group is trying to be non-political and dedicated to featuring Russian culture and traditions.


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