Given lackadaisical TV coverage and newspaper bias favoring establishment politicos. Tonight we offer an ALTERNATIVE perspective on the GO BOND decision confronting Kansas City.


CFRG Kansas City: It's Not Just About The Tax Increases . . . It's About The Debt!

The closer we get to Election Day the more hysteria surfaces. There is not a day goes by we don’t see another GO Bond Flyer clogging up trashcans and recycle bins. It poses the question; “If the City is spending this much money to try to convince voters to vote for these bonds, maybe there is something in them that is not so good for the voters?” We need to get emotions out of the process.

The election on April 4th contains several ballot items for the voters to consider. Foremost is the $800,000,000 123 GO Bond, which is broken down into three questions: 1-2 and 3. As we talk with voters, the single biggest concern for all these ballot questions is TRUST. The voters do not have confidence in City Hall. Broken promises have made the public skeptical about issuing an $800,000,000 debit card or blank check to City Hall. City Hall continues to “Feed the Pig”!

This “NEW TAX “ is no different than previous taxes passed by City Hall. There is no guarantee the projects mentioned in the Resolution (Exhibit A) will ever get done. This is a non–binding resolution.

This prompts the “NEW TAX” question. Kansas City is already one of the highest taxed cities in the country. If this new tax passes, what happens to all the old tax money the City will continue to collect? We’ve been paying an infrastructure sales tax for years. Will those tax dollars become unaccounted for and used for “sexy” projects like the ones, which have helped accumulate too much debt? Are we freeing up $800,0000,000 for City Hall if we pass this bond issue?

Property tax receipts secure this bond. This means property taxes and personal property taxes will be going up every year for the next 40 years. The average homeowner with a $140,000 home and a $15,000 automobile will pay almost $4,000 in additional property taxes over the life of this bond issue. That’s in addition to the property taxes they are paying now AND assuming the City will not raise property taxes again for the next 40 years. We believe this is a stretch!

Homeowners all over town and particularly on the Eastside struggle today with water bills and property taxes. As water bills have gone up, the water department tells us fewer homeowners are able to pay the bill. As property taxes go up every year for the next 40 years, there will be more foreclosures every year. The County tells us there are 3000 – 5000 properties in some form of property tax delinquency now. This number will escalate as property taxes escalate. If you don’t pay your water bill, they can shut off your water. If you don’t pay your property taxes, they can take your house after a certain period. This is a dangerous situation to put our friends and neighbors in.

In addition to the $800,000,000, our City Government is asking the voters for an “UNLIMITED TAXING OBLIGATION”. This means if any time during the life of this debt, the property tax receipts are not adequate to repay the debt, the City can raise property taxes AS MUCH AS NECESSARY to make the payments. THEY DO NOT NEED YOUR PERMISSION, they can just keep raising property taxes until they get the revenue necessary to repay the debt. This language is on the ballot.

There are other ways to accomplish the same objectives without taxing the voter’s personal property and homes.

Moody’s Bond Rating Service has already warned Kansas City about the amount of debt the City has. It is time to quit adding debt and live within our means..

It’s not just about the tax increases . . . It’s about the Debt!

Citizens for Responsible Government


  1. Is Sly losing weight?

    He's looking good!

  2. Just think of your NO vote as helping Sly keep on his diet. I'm sure he'll thank us in the long run. Vote NO. It's really for the best.

  3. The tax money is going to pay pensions, This tax is one great hoax every year there going to ask voters for more money when will you ever learn But if you're in the concrete business make your money on the side walks on McGee and Grand in the crossroads

  4. $500,000.00 for one police chiefs overtime. WTF????

  5. What I resent the most is how the city administration and its money men are selling this to its citizens like con men selling a scam to marks. It's all flash, imagery and PR, and includes little or no reasoned explanation why the money to be generated by the bonds is necessary and can't be found elsewhere. It seems to me that there is a basic duty on the part of elected officials to make sure their public understand what they're being asked to vote for, and why, and not treat voters like pawns in a poorly played game of chess.


  6. 40 years is longer than mortgages, this is like road kill, the longer it's there the more it smells and the more you'll pay. Does anyone in KC pay attention to the way the city is run and how it currently looks. The road from Crown Center to Main feels like your're driving on a washboard and that's one of our premier areas.

    Be Smart - Vote No on GO!

  7. Questions 1-2-3 are some of the most sloppy and disingenuous proposals ever to be put in front of Kansas City voters. There is little oversight, poor ballot language and no checks or balances with any real authority. The city council should have been ashamed to put these measures before voters and the fact that very few organizations have endorsed the effort speaks to it's lack of transparency.

    The language in the ordinance is unworthy of the term law and voters would be wise to say ENOUGH and vote No.

    It's really simple, Kansas City and the Mayor have demonstrated that they do not deserve the trust of taxpayers and voters.

  8. Come on people we need a place for all the violent pit bulls to live close to their former owners. Can Spike get an EBT card to help out?

  9. GO bonds always have the provision that if the revenue raised by property taxes is not enough, then the governmental entity can raise the tax. That is why they are called General Obligation bonds. I wish we had a legal clause that makes the city use funds for sidewalks, streets, bridges, etc. But it does not, so it is going to be a free for all of spending on who know what. Vote no folks. You don't need this.

  10. 7:20: That's over a career-not just one year.

  11. Nice cartoon out of the 1920's from a group whose motto is "Say No to Everything!"

  12. ^^^^^And trolley boy's up and at 'em.

  13. Hey! All you peckerwoods who never vote? Guess who the bulk of the property owners are in KC? Bend over and smile.

  14. JUst vote NO


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