Saturday, April 29, 2017


We asked about the First 100 Days of Prez Trump and it's impact on Kansas City and got some pretty important debate that was more honest and informative than any other place on the Internets.

Still, we've looked at the comments from both sides and this is what we notice . . .


Examples . . .

- The fight against ISIS is great but Syria is far away from the increasing Midtown KCMO crime wave.

- Despite stats that tout the decline of immigration, Kansas City remains one of the most diverse and welcoming communities in the Midwest for better and worse. 

- The Dakota Access Pipeline will soon pass through Kansas City under the Missouri River Reservoir despite protester warnings.  

- Overall KCMO crime continues to spike and bad weather seems more effective at slowing down the numbers than any politico no matter their party affiliation.

- The economy is great for developers and some biz people but the number of homeless continue to rise along with the increasing struggle of the working poor.

And so we ask . . .


Tonight, we offer a quick playlist dedicated to the question:

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Easier to protest than to vote and get involved.

Unless we're talking about city council candidates.

Anonymous said...

Best ever. Just because he makes Byron wait for the money that he and his wife have been stealing for years.. Byron you and the "world class pianist " wife are fucking thieves. Do you hang out at the VFW? No, you don't because you are a disgraceful fuck !l And they will kick your non blind ass. Post your address tough guy ! You never will, you are a punk ass fuck me daddy in the ass punk cum guzzler.


Anonymous said...

Carl Ican has a mining company in Indonesia that started and operates ISIS in Jakarta. That mining boss is pictured with Donald J Trump on the campaign trail in DC. Why did you vote for a man who support islamic extremism. Why did Donald Trump bomb CIA tunnels with the mother of all bombs? Why did General Flynn kidnap someone in the US and turn him over to Turkish authorities to be tortured and killed. Forget about Russian bribes, they all knew Flynn was taking bribes. How many people bought condos in trump towers when they got out of prison. Ever heard of Joey No Socks?

Anonymous said...

Yep, Joey No Socks and Jimmy Panty Hose worked the Vegas strip for years til Joey had their love child Frankie No Pants. They live in a trailer park now and Joey works for the cable company. Good dudes.

Jonsie said...

@8:41 - fact is, I don't doubt you. That guy sounds almost as corrupt as Hillary Clinton!

Anonymous said...

Of course not a single libtard can name ANYTHING Obama accomplished during his first 100 days in office. His 1st 100 days after leaving office he cashed in big to the tune of at least a million dollars taking pay offs from those nasty old corporate honchos he talked smack about in public while kissing their butts in private.

Free KC said...

President Obama ran an administration that killed Osama bin Laden when the Bush administration couldn't.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Obama had nothing to do with getting Osama other that to say go after many other people did the actual work. But he sure took all the glory like he really did something. It's sort of like Byron thinking he is getting what he deserves when in fact he deserves nothing.

Anonymous said...

Hillary 2020!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

LIBERAL Democrats BITCHES can't handle the truth , they are mentally unstable . They would sell their kids to ISIS before admittedly that they hate American people and President Trump ¡!

Byron Funkhouser said...

Pussy 7:57

You want me to post my address & you won't even post your name?

The percentage of veterans who belong to the VFW is very small. It's just a bar where old men talk about their glory days while they get drunk. I'm a real subversive; I don't drink. I know that's very Un-American of me.

Not all veterans are jingoists, either. Remember when the Viet Nam Vets threw their medals over the White House fence in disgust? Lot's of younger vets have had their eyes opened, too? Do you want your sons to die for Trump? I don't!

Are you a veteran? Don't bother answering since we can't possibly verify, because you too cowardice to post your real name, let alone your complete address.

11:29 is right, you're a pussy. Too much of a coward to be a veteran.

I never said my wife was a "world class pianist", I said she was a composer, until her hands became deformed & swollen. Only a complete retard would fail to understand what rheumatoid arthritis does to a person. She is in pain 24/7 365. Give me your street address pussy, & I will come to see you & kick your ass, unless our sons beat me to it. John served for nine years as a Ranger. Do you really want to fuck with an angry Ranger, who is bent up old, visually impaired man like me.

Do you have a wife, faggot?

Byron Funkhouser said...

As for Trump, he is a traitor. He is the most incompetent, uninformed, ill-prepared emotionally unsuited person to ever hold that office. His presence in the Oval Office is a national disgrace, & embarrassment. In fact, it demonstrates how dysfunctional our form of government truly is. Franklyn said it would only last two hundred years, & he was right. We should adopt the parliamentary system that the European countries use. We should adopt their educational & health care system, too. Ours doesn't work.

I am a veteran, but the only flag I will fly now is the red one, because change will not come from above. You morons throw around words like libtard, when you're barely literate yourselves. Look at who supports him, a bunch of ignorant in-bred white men who think that there is nothing wrong with a bunch of Europeans talking about their country in America. On behalf of the Five Hundred Nations, go home white man!

Anonymous said...

I see you getting pummeled on here but never join in the criticism until now. My partner and I are very disappointed that you would use the word that you did in confronting someone.

Anonymous said...

As you see 12:18 Byron hates everyone including you. He never lived in KC but feels he has the right to interfere in our business while calling everyone including our President names.

Based on what has been forwarded I know about to the Secret Service I am sure before long Byron will be locked up someplace for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

One more time,idiot???? ^^^

Anonymous said...

Stuff poser

Byron Funkhouser said...

Yeah right, 12:29, you pussies have been saying that shit for seven years. People call me names & disparage my wife & if I call them names, it's like "see Byron calls people names". You're a fucking hypocrite.

12:18, I don't call LGBT's "faggot", only heterosexuals, just as I don't call women "bitches" only "men". If you read this forum on a regular basis then you know how much I support the LGBT community. And I use my real name. What's your name? Making anonymous comments is exactly like being in the closet. You never "joined in"? Did you ever come to my defense?

I never believe anything anonymous commenters say about themselves, & that includes you. Why should I? I'm the only person on the planet that doesn't have physic powers. I can't peer behind "anonymous" anymore than any one else can; though lots of people on this forum think they can.

This is a free speech zone, bitches, & that doesn't just mean for the racist to say Nigger like the cowards that they are.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off Byron, stay out of this. The Dems don't care about populist issues and that's why they created wedge issues to keep labor divided. In reality there is very little separating the libertarian left and the libertarian right except for the liberal Dems who's been drifting away from labor since the 1970s. Don't expect the roads to get repaird they're to far gone. The VA won't treat soldiers any better than they already are. Mortality rates will continue to rise until people stop listening to Alex Jones and Byron Funkhousers.

Byron Funkhouser said...

1:18, I don't do what I'm told.

Fuck off, yourself.

This is a free speech zone.

Byron Funkhouser said...

A libertarian is a ball-less Republican.

Did you work, today? How much money did your employer earn from your labor?

I bet you don't even know.

Did you kiss his ass & thank him for a job?

TheGoyimKnow said...

This is your friendly reminder that at the end of next month there will be "groups of teens" running wild through the streets of the plaza hootin and a hollerin loudly while pushing people down and starting fights.

It's time for the KCMO 4th annual plaza night mob run! Meanwhile let's blame trump for all our problems.

Who wants to be the mayors night this year will be shut down early again?

Anonymous said...

Byron @ 1:36

You really showed your stupidity on that rant ya idiot. If everyone stopped working your monthly checks would stop as well. You're so full of hate you even attack those who make your worthless life able to have a roof over it's empty head.

I hope the Secret Service is getting info on you, someone does need to investigate your over all condition and for fraud in my opinion. By the way I love my job and am well paid for it which is something you would know nothing about I am guessing. Sure my boss makes money off of me and he also has way more headaches to deal with in doing so that I don't have by being a well paid worker. I'm guessing you're the type person who has always hated doing what a real man is suppose to do in life and thinks sitting around while the wife works before becoming a leach like you is how a person should live their life. Interesting that your father or siblings all went on to have normal productive lives minus the rants and hate you apply towards them.

The only pussy in here Byron, is you.
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The biggest racist as well is once again you, Byron.
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I would post my real name, but your stalker status is well known not only here but else where and well why would any one wish you or make it so you can invade their life with your compulsive hate of those who have it good in life.

Anonymous said...

At least Trump is not a negro. And he wants to deport Mexicans. That's good!

Anonymous said...

Trumps the ultimate asshole

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Byron is out of his meds again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah "Byron Funkhouser", you're so fucking brave. You could've just pulled that name out of the phone book, and made up all that personal bullshit that you claim. You're no different than anyone else that posts on here.

Anonymous said...

Bilerun little Funkenshyster is the fucking traitor. Silly bitch is the only vet I have ever seen that could work up a good dose of PTSD trying to adjust his spectacles while trying to kiss every boon's ass in America. Fucker must have had latrine engineer as his MOS.

Anonymous said...

Byron can't keep his lies straight. John was a Ranger for 9 years....... BAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA.
And his Daughter was a super model and his other son is a top shelf lawyer in Denver. Which one runs the production factory? Come on Byron what was Johns class number? When did he go thru mountain phase?
Where was it? (hint, it's in north Georgia) I taught there for several years.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is that Byron bitch ? Sounds like a homosexual agenda loving metrosexual loving liberal from the East coast with a vagina . Am I close in the douchebag assessment ?

Anonymous said...

nah....that's your twink you're thing of.