Amid upcoming Kansas City "listening sessions" on the latest push for a new airport . . . There's a struggle to separate fact from fiction while so many competing interests attempt to persuade the voting public.

To wit . . .


Remember that initial blogging last week took apart KC Biz Journal numbers . . .

Now even better . . .

Basically, Save KCI called out the sourcing of the KCI Biz Journal article regarding wait times, offered more reliable data and then put the numbers in perspective.

Here's the kicker . . .

An EPIC Save KCI quote:

"I’m respectfully asking for a retraction/correction, both online and in print, for anything that appeared in any Business Journal that listed KCI as having a 28.8 minute wait time. At minimum that would be the airport chart and subsequent editorial. Why? Because through what some might call journalistic malpractice, comically incorrect data has become part of the public discussion. I’ve been told that during a board meeting, the Executive Director of the Platte County EDC cited the 28.8 minute wait times as a reason to move forward with a single terminal. KCBJ bears responsibility for this and I hope their commitment to accuracy leads them to do the right thing and correct the record."

This is a TWO BILLION DOLLAR KANSAS CITY DECISION that has been presented to voters as an inevitability. And like it or not, bloggers and social media denizens have been driving the conversation and offering much better coverage on the topic than mainstream media.

You decide . . .


  1. Spot on. Unless someone in the media (don't look for the TIF Star to do this) decides to step up and remember what having a free press is supposed to be about, this corrupt city won't need an airport in a few years.

  2. airport is just another Sly scam, same as the streetcar only on a massive scale.

  3. Tk, be fair, Save KCI obviously has an interest too. Nobody does that kind of work for free at of the goodness of their heart.

  4. The Brookside Viagra Club held its weekly meeting last Sunday. Present were members Dan Coffey, John Murphy, Joe Smoe* and President Patrick Touhey. President Touhey presided.

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    Joe Smoe stressed to the group how important it was to call anyone, especially the Mayor, who disagreed with them “bullies,” as that is what he used to do in prep school.

    Patrick Touhey reminded the group that their IP addresses can be traced. Wink, wink, nod, nod.

    Meeting adjourned.

    * The name Joe Smoe is a pseudonym and is used to protect the identity of a mayoral candidate. More winks. More nods.

    1. Jim Claxton NKC4/10/17, 9:09 AM

      That's kind of funny but it reads like on of Sly's supporters attempting to distract people from the real issue. The airport idea is a loser and it's based on lies. Very few people support it. It's not about Tony or anybody else. As usual, Sly can't stick to the issues or even debate like a real leader.

  5. thanks for trying to keep keep kcbj honest.

  6. 28 minutes? Does the editor of that publication never fly? He should have caught such a nonfact.

    Save KCI!

  7. Sad to see the business journal becoming just another one of Sly's shills.

  8. KCBJ is fun to read because of its pro-developer, rah-rah coverage.

    But one has to wonder if 28 minutes and the other inaccurate information were intentional or not.

    If a $2 billion construction boondoggle is undertaken, the profits of KCBJ readers will be huuuuge.

  9. kci is an efficient airport that is actually quite welcoming to visitors by virtue of its quiet, low-key efficiency.

    it's pretty distinctive in its own good way now.

  10. Infrastructure? Widen I-70 from Kansas City to St. Louis and that will give a fillip to both cities and middle Missouri.

  11. A new terminal will be built at the airport.
    Like almost all "projects" associated with KCMO government, the needs or wishes of the public, and the actual needs of the city itself will be subordinated to the wishes and financial interests of the insiders, law firms, construction companies, and campaign contributors whose benefit much of the city expenditures and debt is directed.
    When the public consistently elects people (just 13 out of a possible 472,000)who have no understanding or appreciation of municipal government, and actually very little interest in it other than what public position they might run for next, the outcomes are easily predicted.
    Airport parking, ticket prices, and other fees will increase to pay for the $1 billion+ bill and the airport will actually become less convenient for the vast majority of people who use it.
    But the usual suspects will thrive.
    Same song; 98th verse.

  12. Funny, none of those mentioned in the viagra meeting live in Brookside. This came from the once again misinformed Steve Glorioso!

  13. Let's not forget ex-director of the Platt county EDC is a very "close" friend to Mark Van Loh and was his ". Special" Secretary. She has pushed the single terminal all along.

  14. Never been more than 10 - 15 minutes for me the dozens of times I've flown from KCI

    now .."single terminals" La Guardia, ATL, Newark..can be a half hour to 45 minutes.

    just another Democrat "scam the taxpayers" project.

  15. Best airport to get in and out of in North America. I have been to nearly all of them.

  16. Single terminal is just another sly scam.

    Where do I vote to say no?

  17. When I read this article in the business journal, I laughed out loud at the 28 min. wait time posted. Huh? And we got a D+ rating because of what? Not sure if it was for lack of rapid transit to and from the airport, of lack of gourmet restaurants and high-end shops. What we really need are more restrooms in the waiting areas, and a better selection of food & drink, again in the WAITING AREAS.

    Oh, I think Johnson County wants to build a brand-new airport way out in the sticks to show the KC voters how dumb we are. Go ahead. We'll look forward to someone else paying the bills.


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