Sunday, April 23, 2017


Tax fighters offer this important perspective about local government transparency or lack thereof along with insight into the upcoming City Hall tax and spend agenda . . .


At the Infrastructure debate last week at the Plaza Library, City Manager Troy Schulte , City Councilman Quinton Lucas and Chamber of Commerce President Joe Reardon continually referred to the Streetcar expansion and the Airport single terminal proposal as ‘INFRASTRUCTURE”. We found this particularly interesting since the Mayor has stated repeatedly; " the City is in no way connected to streetcar expansion. (He continues) It is a group of grass root, private citizens not connected in any way to City Hall.” You would not have known it from the conversation. The three cheerleaders pushed both projects over and over and hard. By labeling both of these “INFRASTRUCTURE” can they now use GO Bond money on them? We believe the City is in the expansion process up to their eyeballs. On the streetcar, they can say rails, overhead wires, poles, etc are ‘INFRASTRUCTURE”. The streetcars themselves are not but all the periphery stuff could be labeled ‘INFRASTRUCTURE”. Same way with the Airport. There will be a lot of right of way construction,etc. which could be labeled “INFRASTRUCTURE” and then qualify for GO Bond funds. Look out puppies your money might be slipping away!! The old bait and switch just might be in play.

It was an interesting evening. First of all Crosby Kemper endorsed Quinton Lucas for Mayor (not sure if this was a joke but it didn’t come off that way)! The comment started the evening off on a political note when we thought it was going to be an open discussion. If it wasn’t a joke, it is change in philosophy for the normally conservative, small government, low tax proponent, Kemper. Lucas has never met a tax he didn’t vote for. We have seen no evidence of his willingness to hold the spending line or look for other sources of revenue. I digress..

It didn’t take long to see the make up of the panel was heavily balanced in favor of the “Tax and Spend” politicos. It was Schulte, Lucas and Reardon versus conservative Patrick Tuohey. Brian Kidwell from MODOT was there and articulated the State’s perspective on certain issues. The main talk was the bond issue, streetcar and airport. The Tax and Spenders continued with the “happy talk, back slapping, high-fiving each other on the bond issue. They haven’t stopped to realize if Puppies and Pot were not on the ballot, it may have been a different outcome or at least a closer election. None the less, it’s over and they now have the money to spend. Tuohey was the calm, articulate and knowledgeable person on the panel. He dealt in facts, not hope and smoke. Tuohey consistently warned about the danger of adding debt on top of debt.

It wasn’t mentioned the $80,000,000 collected for several years now for infrastructure will become even more of a slush fund. Think about it, we have been paying $80,000,000 annually for infrastructure forever. The tax and spenders will be back at the voters next year to renew this tax. $80,000,000 is DOUBLE the $40,000,000 they plan to borrow annually on the bond issue. The $40,000,000 annual bond money will be spread over all the projects on the bond issue. Where has this $80,000,000 collected annually been spent??

The “Happy Talkers” were selling the streetcar expansion and a new single terminal airport as “infrastructure”. Setting the plate for the old switcheroo. Touhey articulated the facts that adding more debt to an already drowning City is not prudent. He was greatly out numbered but held his own as usual. It was obvious the ‘Happy Talkers” were not listening to the audience. While several people complained about the unfair, upcoming streetcar ballot and were told by Lucas, if you don’t like it, vote against it. No discussion about how the City Council should take control and force the election to be City Wide. No regard for the average citizen.

Nick Haines did well trying to hold things together but it was clear the "Happy Talkers” had their agenda preprogramed into their psych.

Citizens for Responsible Government


Anonymous said...

Doesn't look good for people who want more 12th & Oak accountability.

Then again, it might be time to buy a new condo downtown for pennies on the dollar.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what does this mean?

Anonymous said...

How bout us poor folk east of the sports complex in the land of the forgotten, we got no sidewalks our streets haven't been taken care of for at least twelve years now and the stupid street car will never be out here (thank god) but by god they'll take my hard earned money and laugh all the way to the billion and half dollar airport they insist we need. Someone please pass the vasoline our way

Anonymous said...

I need to be a consultant , alot of cash to be made in the bribery , graft , payoff , skimmer business in KILLA CITY ¡! It's so open and obviously cobras a bi F . U. To tax payers that live in KILLA CITY CRIMINAL BOYZ BITCHES BLEED out hoods ¡!

Tracy Thomas said...

It might be even worse.

since the Council voted NOT
to pass the sidewalk Ordinance 1, and will vote again next Friday, in a different committee, not that they included not just sidewalks, the ONLY thing mentioned as a subsidy in 123GoBonds, but also now CURBS, GUTTERS, DRIVEWAYS--

consider this:
1. Downtown--has steps above grade---a no/no, not according to code, -on Main, at the theatre at 13th and Main.
Unless the ordinance is limited to citizen occupied structures, this will fix a private developer's major problem.

2. Downtown--hotel will need not just sidewalks, but also curbs, gutters and driveways.
So now if the council words it just right, the 123GObonds will finance a major part of the new downtown hotel...for free.
Rather than repairing sidewalks for citizens. Which was the pitch Glorioso used in 9 brochures.

3. MCI--
IF the city figures out how to transfer ownership to Port Authority, to build a new one terminal airport, (AFTER paying back the $10 million is illegally borrowed from the airport fees), then the 123GO bonds could pay for all new driveways and curbs and gutters, and possibly even "runways", which are just driveways for big airplanes.
Not what was voted on.

4. Trolley expansion to 53rd St.:
One of the biggest expenses --WHICH IS NEVER COVERED IN BALLOT ISSUES--is the relocation of utilities. Tens of millions of dollars. Tearing up streets. Which then requires new "CURBS, GUTTERS AND DRIVEWAYS", not just SIDEWALKS.
Voila, as they say in France. The 123GOBonds, if worded as discussed this week, which failed to pass because Teresa Loar was absent, (or abstained ??) would now be eligible for compensation, HEAD OF THE LINE, AHEAD OF HOMEOWNERS WITH CROOKED SIDEWALKS.

Because, guess what. The City Manager is The Decider. He can put city-initiated projects, such as the Trolley, the new Airport and the Downtown Hotel from Hell: The Mike Burke Helmsley Palace, AHEAD of the list of applicants by yoga-pants wearing housewives from Brookside.

It gives me no pleasure to say this.


Anonymous said...

Great job Tracy!

You are inspired!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks 5:17 I can now borrow as much money as KCMO and never pay it back! Still don't understand why you wanted my SSN and blood type. I went ahead and bought that new Fishing boat and side by side 4x4? Waiting by the fax machine for the paper work. The salesmen are starting to look at me funny. Hurry!

Anonymous said...

Yep, didn't see this coming.... To all the people that voted yes for the $800M slush fund...have fun NOT seeing any REAL infrastructure get fixed in this city. And be prepared for the city to come back to the trough in about 5 years asking for more money once they've use up a good majority of the $800M GO-Bonds on the streetcar expansion, the Mike Burke Hotel and the NEW KCI airport.

And just like gullible liberals always do, when the city does come back to the trough in 5 years asking for more infrastructure money, they'll vote "yes" again then wonder why they can't afford just a basic middle class life AND STILL see deteriorating infrastructure around the city.


Anonymous said...

Impaired thinking. Grossly oriented behavior.

Anonymous said...

The answer to KCMO Tax Oppression is to move outside the city limits, while still freely availing yourself of the amenities offered inside KC at your discretion.

Leave the KCMO Democratic Party corrupt machine in your rear-view mirror, while going to the stadiums, musuems, parks, restaurants, etc., whenever you choose.

Try your best to never live or work within KCMO.

Anonymous said...

Ask Mayor sLIE about the miles and miles of rail track they already have bought and stored in a super secret warehouse near the river market.