The aftermath of last night's election continues to unfold and this EPIC RESPONSE from tax fighter and local blogger Tracy Thomas offers a no-holds-barred summary of behind the scenes Kansas City concerns and MSM newspaper chatter.


Here's the sitch from a Kansas City fave regarding her election involvement in her own words sent our way in a few separate e-mails. . . Checkit . . .

Kansas City Blogger Tracy Thomas Takes On Kansas City Star & Co.

The STAR editorial board is criticizing me for talking about a legitimate fear, that if/when the trolley is extended down to the Plaza, that "armed hoodrats will ride the trolley down to the Plaza."

Which they will.

And the Star, in yet another (upcoming) UNSIGNED snipe attack, an unsigned editorial, thinks I was racist, in giving voice to a widely held and rational fear. The Plaza hasn't been safe for years, including five years back when Mayor Sly James jumped into the shrubbery at the Cheesecake Factory, to avoid gunfire. He hasn't been back.

Recently, (the Star's Dave Helling)
asked for my quotes:

I take issue with being inferred as a racist. I clearly am not. Youth who shoot guns on the Plaza are hoodrats, period. Regardless of race. How dare you!!! The Star never reported the race of the hoodrats shooting up Winsteads the night KU lost going to the Final Four. And neither did I imply it was any particular race or creed. Any kid using a gun for self-expression is a hoodrat in my book.

The STAR Editorial Board and Steve Glorioso are "bad WINNERS!" Always trying to suppress dissent.

wag righteous fingers at anyone, including me, a refugee from the crime-ridden city, who calls out their poor solutions that transfer wealth to the rich on the backs of the poor. And in this case, I DO make an exception and cite that the rich tax-exempt investors who financed the 123GOBonds and the rich investors who will buy those bonds at inflated interest rates--now THOSE are all gonna be white men!

If the STAR news staff and editorial board had accurately reported the facts--and the rift between the City Manager and Sly James, and the truth that this was 40 years, not 20--and $100 a year, not $8, with no mandated projects whatsoever, the public would not have fallen for this grossly misrepresented bond election.

The facts are:

Of course, WELL BEFORE my ad agency bought airtime and well before I cut the radioKMBZ and 106.5 The Wolf, I DID confirm, in advance, with Glenda Elliott, Reporting Analyst with Missouri Ethics Commission, as well as covering my bases with the KANSAS Ethics Commission (Donna Williams)
as well as the Joco Election Board (Cheryl Roederer)--that

a. Missouri does not control the actions of citizens from Kansas paying out of their pockets personally
b. Especially to just "educate and inform" regarding an election in Missouri (no advocacy Yes/No)
c. This airtime was not placed by a PAC.
d. Nor was it placed by a resident of Missouri.
e. Phillip Klein lives in Leawood. I, a crime refugee from midtown KCMO since 1992, live in Shawnee.

I can't believe Helling tried to set me up to give a bad quote!!!
He said, "I knew the answer. I checked yesterday. I just wanted to know if YOU knew what you did was legal."

Jesus. I knew the police could lie to folks they are investigating.
But now the press too????

I sign my work.

So should the STAR Editorial Board


You decide . . .


  1. Way to go Tracy!

    Don't let them bully you.

    1. Bad winners is putting it mildly.

      The Kansas City Star has betrayed voters and they are reporting merely to justify their tax abatement from City Hall.

      Shame on these thug "reporters" working as hired guns for that man Sly. Tracy is doing the right thing by striking first. These attacks are politically motivated intimidation, that is beneath what we used to know as journalism. The sad day for Kansas City continues.

    2. Who is this Dave Helling? He should not be picking on Tracy. Shame on him!

    3. Some dude who couldn't cut TV news...

  2. Keep talking truth to power... they hate that.

  3. We love you Tracy! Thank you for your persistence. Never back down.

  4. When she says "hoodrats" will shoot up the Plaza if the streetcar is extended, is she talking about people from River Market and the Crossroads? Because that's where the streetcar goes through.

    1. Good point! Now the Hoodrats will have free transportation to shoot up the Crossroads and the River Market! The streetcar just opened up a whole new victim base to the north!

  5. Hey losers don't get mad get even the city has to renew the 1 cent sales tax for capital improvements in August or November. Get organized to defeat this regressive tax now that they have $800 million in bonds for the next 20 years.

  6. Dare I say that Tracy Thomas is as irrelavent as Clay Chastain, Toni Bones, Hearne Christopher, Craig Glazer and Tony Botello?

    She should be grateful for any attention she gets. After all, that's why she blogs, isn't it?

    1. When you apply shoeshine to Mayor Bullhorn's shoes, please be careful not to jiggle his abundant fat. Stick to what you do best, being a servant to mediocre, corrupt power.

  7. "Hoodrats"? Really, Tracy? And we are not supposed to consider that to be racist? Which "hood" are you referring to? Mission Hills? Boyz in the (Pem-Day) Hood? Blue Valley Hood?

    It is sad that Trace thinks of herself as a refugee from crime. Now, there are some rational explanations for a decision to relocated to Brownbackistan, but living a block off the Plaza, I can attest that fear of crime is not one of them. Yes, there is occasional crime in KC -- even on the Plaza. But, hiding under your bed -- much less moving your bed to Shawnee -- is a gross over-reaction.

    1. Occasional crime like the murder spike we're experiencing, and the basic loss of the Plaza as a viable entertainment venue for adults?

      There is a much deeper and systemic problem here than semantics.

  8. Tracy Thomas' well organized, singular and tendentious defense of her position with regard to yesterday's vote, left her opponents in an untenable position regarding the actual facts. But, this is a Democratic stronghold and the facts are subservient to the needs of Liberal elites in local government and local business.

    In the febrile, hive-minded fever dreams of Progressives everywhere, the solution to any discussion where the Left is Losing, is accusations of RACISM!!!

    That shit has jumped the fuckin shark long ago.

    Here is a fact. Progressives would call it a "Hate Fact".


    It's not going to change, the city government will make sure, that moral agency is denied to certain, favored groups of law breakers (Blacks On The Plaza) and fiddle while Rome burns. Short term gains, made at the expense of a dwindling and diminishing middle class, will continue to drive people over to Kansas and leave our city bereft of a tax base, while supporting an ever increasing unemployable, indolent and violent Democrat/Socialist/Progressive base, that votes for a living, exactly like they did yesterday.

    Tracy holds the feet of the powerful to the fire. Of course, she MUST be silenced!!

    City Hall whistles and their Kansas City Star Press Pack Attack Dogs go for the jugular screaming racism and hoping for a groundswell of hatred from their belligerently ignorant base.

    Sometimes it is a feather in your hat, to be recognized by your enemies.

    Not here. Tracy's enemies are legion in this town, but none personifies her enemies more, than the despicable, odious and sniveling Steve Glorioso. You know, you as a citizen, that your city is dominated by corruption, ideology and ignorance when Steve Glorioso comes out on the winning side in any contest.

    Another bad day for KC in a series of bad years.

    Keep punching Tracy.

  9. Wait. When the Internet defines hoodrat as...

    hood rat (plural hood rats)

    (slang) Someone who has sex with everyone in the "hood" or neighborhood; the term is linked to the culture of the American ghettos and to hip-hop culture. A hood rat is an often poor woman who engages in sexual activity like a prostitute, but without charge and without being coerced

    Isn't that Tracy?

    1. Wow, did Mayor Bulllhorn help you with that or did you come up with this feeble wit all on your own?

      How about a massage for the good griftomatic? Get back to your real job. ;)

  10. Kansas City is democrat in myth only. Kansas City democrats have created the most regressive tax system in the nation. Brownback even endorsed these GO bonds because he knew this would be good for Kansas.

  11. Tracy needs to get the message. If your arguments can't be answered logically, you will be called a racist, which requires no proof.

    See what happened to the first Latino Unitarian Universalist President here:

    Even the UUs can't be politically correct enough these days!

  12. Thanks, Chuck!!!

    As for Phil Cardarella--you and I go a long way back, the early 70's when you were dating Katheryn Shields and we were working hard to pass the ERA. Our NOW chapter elected you as secretary, since none of the women wanted that job. And I like you, so I'll be kind.

    Yes, Phil--I was forced to move to Joco because of crime. 3308 Karnes, my home, had police helicopters hovering every night over me in my hottub--searching for the dyslexic Mexican gangs in Coleman Highlands. They shot up the wrong house--wrong address. KCPD told us they could not keep us safe. Don't believe me? Ask Joe Serviss--his apartment at 38th & Jarboe had a different gang there. Plus, across the streetfrom me on Karnes was a Simpson House, for recovering alcoholic women. I'm all for the recovery community, big time, but not unmanaged in prime residential areas. The big pimps stood in front of my house shouting like Marlon Brando in Streetcar Named Desire--"Stella! Stella! Come back, baby." Luring these poor girls back to a life as a prostitute.

    My office till 1992 was at 31st & Main--but the hoodrats of whatever stripe held target practice there and it's hard to attract ad agency clients when they must step over spent Ouzi shells at one's front door.

    But crime in KC started much earlier!!!! I also used to live on Janssen Place (36th/Cherry area) in Hyde Park--when I was co-authoring Doubleday's Right Here in River City with Walt Bodine, and working for Mayor Wheeler. But then Police Chief Norm Caron told me in the mid-70's, "Tracy, don't buy a house in Hyde Park. If you're not prepared to use a gun on a robber, I can't keep you safe there."

    So, Cardarella, I moved to Shawnee. A refugee since 1992. (Do I get free dual passport citizenship?? From our pal, Claire???) Now I just visit my beloved KCMO--mostly during daylight hours. I love running into you and Kathryn at Historic Kansas City events. Something we both support. I moved my Unicorn Theatre season tix to Sundays at 3--when hoodrats and beggars and the former nightclub creeps who were next door--are asleep or watching The Game.

    Now stop attacking me for revealing the Dead Elephant in the middle of the Plaza. Crime is killing this town as fast as the crumbling infrastructure. Go fix this town. No cost-shifting.

    And don't be mad at ME for saying what most folks think: The Plaza is not safe on weekend nights. Especially during prom season. Ask Sly why he hasn't visited his burning bush there at the Cheesecake Factory.

  13. 2:13 is right. I think you don't know what a "hood rat" actually is.

    Go look in the mirror if there's one in the left in the house that isn't shattered.

  14. I am thinking Tracy spends a great deal of battery time with her vibrator? She might know her way around her "hood?"

    1. A slight improvement. Still, you spend way too much time considering this good lady's genitals. Please go outside. Just once. The sun is out there. :)

  15. Thanks for speaking up, Tracy. There's a lot of people that support you.
    As for the tax packages approved yesterday. Sheeple will some day figure taxpayers are fucked again, this time for the next 20+ years.

  16. Shame on Dave Helling. Did someone mention prostitution?

    Dave, at some point when you were shiny and new you probably had some notion of mission. Where did that go? When exactly did you become a mouthpiece for our town's silly, corrupt leadership?

    Do you think you're actually doing journalism? Shame. At some point, some great young reporter will tell the real story of this town's issues.

    But it won't be at the ridiculous Star, and it won't be you. You will be receiving questions then, like, 'What happened to speaking truth to power?' and 'When did you lose every ounce of self-respect?'

    Think on't.

  17. Hey chuck tell us how the Obama defacto brownshirts figure in this. Tracy, no one wants to silence fact it's hilarious every-time you post. I enjoy a good laugh. Both you and chuck are a couple of the biggest jokes on this blog. Chuck uses crime as his crutch to beat everyone over the head with his racist agenda. Sadly Tracy you are just a scared old woman. Neither of you have anything to offer this city. It's always and I mean ALWAYS the same thing with the both of you. Chuck blames every single thing on the leftist bogyman. You can just recycle the same chuck column week after week, day after day. In fact I'm quite sure he does this. What he and you fail to understand, and why neither of you could ever be taken seriously, is that the world doesn't work that way. The left is not any more responsible for crime anymore then the right is. The good news is that both of you are getting up there in age and soon you'll both be gone and your sad & scared generation will be relegated to the dust bin of time. It's time for both of you to make way for a better generation.

    1. Hey, did you run out of shoeshine already? Piss off, City Hall slave. Perform another handjob for Mayor Bullhorn; it'll keep your fool hands away from any keyboards at least.

  18. I want to see her ginger bush.

  19. This nut is more desperate for attention than Toni Bones. In fact, "Tracy Bones" has a nice ring to it, IMHO. But calling yourself a refugee is over-the-top and insulting to real refugees (and there are currently millions around the world). Get a grip, you self-righteous asshole.

  20. Tracy, Christopher Hearne interviewed me once. I made a particular quote, just being funny, but made a point to tell him NOT PRINT THAT, EVER.
    The asshole did just that. Word for word.
    I wrote to the KC Star and complained loudly about it. They did nothin'....

    I'll never trust a politician or a 'journalist.'

  21. 3:47

    Really well thought out criticism that states facts and cuts me to the quick.

    Oh..., no, that's right, just more tedious repetition of 3rd grade playground insults that you think using the word "Sadly" will elevate to the level of an especially gifted Flipper Baby.

    Rhetorically enlisting in Kansas City's Racial Posse Comitatus by way of personal attacks on TKC, relegates you to the pitiless dominion of morons who work at the KC Red Star and City Hall.

    You are in good company.

  22. Tony's Johnson County.

    1. Keep saying it, tiger, it'll catch on someday. ;)

  23. Love me some Chuck.

  24. Hey chuck & tracy, isn't past your bed time? It's getting dark and both of you better get under your beds. Hickenshit cowards.

  25. Sorry chuck(4:49) nobody loves chuck.

  26. "Hickenshit Cowards", says the brave anonymous poster.

  27. Use the word "brobdingnagian" again chuck, it's sexy.

    It's also ridiculous.

  28. the truth that this was 40 years, not 20--and $100 a year, not $8, with no mandated projects whatsoever

    Tony pushed that lie and fell flat on his face. I can see from your picture you've had your face shoved into a wall (repeatedly, apparently), but still...lying makes you look bad, Tracy.

    1. Ad hominems! Truly, bitchy personal insults are persuasive arguments.

      Or not.

  29. Now that Tony has done yet another faceplant by taking certain people far too seriously and then giving space to the very same clueless to explain how the whole thing was rigged, isn't it time Pat Tuhoey checked in?

    1. Isn't it about time you got Mayor Clown a bib? He loves those ribs, and you are his lackey.

  30. The STAR editorial board is criticizing me

    Where? Publicly? Are they sending you text messages? Postcards? Calling you?

    There's certainly no sign of it, and your prescient knowledge about what The Star is writing about is psychic!

    Sorry, I mean psychotic.

  31. Welcome home after a hard day of work. You just walked in to your KCMO home that will now be taxed at least $4000 more--but your home value did not go up one cent. You won't recapture a penny of that when you leave or move to the rest home or die. Even the STAR editorial board admitted TODAY it's 40 years, 5:14! The bonds are issued a little at a time. So the 20 years starts all over again, with each new issue.

    The city does not have the staff to supervise $800 million in little projects.
    The City Manager said he makes the list, not the Council.
    It's a strong Mgr/weak mayor and council form of government.
    They advise, but he is the Decider.
    All they can do is fire him.

    The City Manager told Helling it will take him two years to make the sidewalk list.

    So, Mr. Hubby, unless your wife successfully lobbies the City Manager, with favors she is not currently bestowing on your belching belittling troll self, then YOU won't get that supposedly free $14,000 sidewalk, that you think you just won for $8 a year, or maybe $100 for 40 years. (City ordinance currently forbids the city giving free sidewalks anyway. So you might just get a coupon, like you get at Kohls.

    Or you might get bupkus. Because this Council was taught how to do cost shifting by the shiftiest guy in town, Steve Glorioso. He taught it to Kay Barnes.

    So perhaps the council will sell the airport to the Port Authority. So they can just build the downtown hotel or the Hoodrat Free Express to the Plaza and Winsteads--out of the general fund, without a vote!


    And remember, this August, the City will ask you to renew the infrastructure SALES tax. Daja doodoo, all over again.

    Enjoy your evening.

  32. OK let's use common sense A free train ride to the Plaza on a Saturday night and violent teens you will need a lot of armed robots,

  33. Tracy Thomas, KCMOPost publisher4/5/17, 6:00 PM

    5:35--good point. Glad you looked. It's coming tonight or tomorrow. Helling called today to get a few reactions and quotes. He even used that old canard, "Well, alot of people think the world, hoodrats, was racist. I can't say who told me to call and ask you to react to an unnamed quote, but alot of people."

    Of course, I pointed out the STAR did not reveal the race of said shooters who issued 24 gunshots between the Nichols Fountain and Winsteads. Nor did I infer it or say it.

    Coulda been PemDay junior varsity. Coulda been the Women's Political Caucus. Coulda been Crosby Kemper III's book club having just left the library.

    I just know, if you're shooting, in a herd, you are a cowardly hoodrat. Perhaps mad at KU Jayhawks losing the game. Both teams were off their game that night.

    The hoodrats scurried away. No arrests were made. But this is why we do NOT need to extend the toy train from where hoodrats currently prowl, in the Power and Light district, lined up four in a row, arm in arm, to intimidate the tourists. We do NOT need to provide a fast free anonymous escape route for armed cowards who do not have a credit card and thus cannot use Uber.

    Extending the toy train/trolley will prove to expand crime. It's Clockwork Orange time in Little Detroit. And y'all are just killing the messenger.

    Go have a beer. Wish you had voted NO?? Or voted at all??

  34. Now this infrastructure tax passed will the water bills go back to bimonthly. Tired of paying more a month now than what i was paying for two months a couple years ago.

  35. Hey chuck, just got back from the Plaza, and there was a democrim on the corner trying to push his agenda! I waked further, and there was a fuckin (isn't that poetic?) progressive posse tryin to swarm me with their "hive". When I left there and turned the corner, guess what I saw? You got it, THE LICKSPITTLE PRESS!!!! My God chuck what do we do? How can we fight this? I'm scared! You have the answers don't you???

    1. Hang out until Saturday night, master rhetorician. I wonder how your pithy and amusing little jape will change. :)

    2. Just fine I'd imagine but then again, I'm not a scared old man afraid of my shadow like chuck and tracy

  36. Alex said: Welcome folks to KC final Jeopardy. Mayor sly you have won 800 million this week and reigning champion, you pick the category... Mayor has chosen Public Theft, high crime, high taxes, and bad schools.....

  37. Unless your Polsinelli who pays next to zero property taxes on their Plaza "offices" known as the bankrupt West Edge your pretty much screwed up the ass.

  38. But I hear a hood rat is a slutty woman. I see it over and over.

    If there are slutty women invading the Plaza HEY WHAT'S SO BAD ABOUT THAT??? SEE YA THERE!


  39. Tracy is the lucky one: a refugee. Some of us are stuck.

    1. That's funny right there^^^

  40. Hey Byron, just got back from the Plaza, and there was a Repubtard shit-flake on the corner trying to push his agenda! I waked further, and there was a fuckin (isn't that poetic?) Nazi posse tryin to swarm me with their "hive". When I left there and turned the corner, guess what I saw? You got it, THE WHITE PRIVILEGED !!!! My God Byron what do we do? How can we fight this? I'm scared! You have the answers don't you???

  41. ^ sure Byron, you're a real Soldier. RME

  42. I would like to get on Tracy

  43. FACT :

    The KC Star has nothing but a bunch of pathetic Degenerate Communist Liberals for reporters down there nowdays

    their paper has become a RAG for use in Public Porta Potties at job sites !

  44. ^^^So? What are you prepared to do about it? Does the Star trigger you? Do yo need a safe place you whiny butt-hurt repubtard shit-flake?

  45. The Kansas City metropolitan area is a 15-county metropolitan area anchored by Kansas City, Missouri, that straddles the border between the U.S. states of Missouri and Kansas.
    With a population of about 2,340,000, it ranks as the second largest metropolitan area with its core in Missouri and with that being said..... roughly 60,000 of its citizens turned out to vote on 4 April

    Absolutely no matter what happens at this point, there is no turning back, you have put your trust in the city with 800 Million dollars of your money (nearly 1 BILLION dollars) spread out so that your children will be paying on this bond long after you are gone, a tax bill that will continue coming to your door (if you can afford to keep your home through depreciation) long after this mayor has left office and a number of people leave the reach of Kansas City and its lifetime commitment to this bond.

    If there is an uptick on arson I would not be surprised.

  46. Watch it, 1;06. We do not need this kind of incendiary talk. Akin to inciting a riot or a crime. Do not set Tony up for having the courts demand him to release the IP address of you posting as "Accountability".


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