Because social media all about giving back to the community and because we appreciate the "The Timeless Art of Seduction" . . . We're happy to announce that TKC will be stepping up our original photo and reporting game in the coming days, weeks, months and years. As a start to our many syndication deals, check out all of theses stories our team has written for various news outlets across the metro:

Learning French Is Practical Given All The Mexicans Who Remain In Kansas City!!!

French immersion charter school in Kansas City to acquire site for high school

The former Derrick Thomas Academy in Kansas City, Mo., is expected to become a high school campus for a French immersion charter school. A French immersion charter school in Kansas City, Mo., has reached an agreement to buy a shuttered school building and open a high school.

Mission Gateway Will Be Finished In 2018

Valenti's Mission Gateway plan wins approval - again [RENDERINGS] - Kansas City Business Journal

Developer Tom Valenti clearly knows by now not to promise much when it comes to Mission Gateway. On Monday night, the Mission Planning Commission granted its approval for the $162 million mixed-use project's final development plans, the Shawnee Mission Post reports.

Media Savvy Isn't About Hijacking Tragedy

LGBT activist remembers Officer Wagstaff helping him from brink of suicide

Officer Thomas Wagstaff has saved lives as an Independence police officer and doing so changed the course of one man's life for good. Zachary Mallory is an LGBT advocate from Independence. KCTV5 covered when he received Nickelodeon's Halo Award recognizing outstanding teenagers in 2014.

JoCo Congressman Struggles To Keep His Pokémon Go Addiction Secret

Editorial: Rep. Kevin Yoder distinguishing himself as an advocate for internet privacy

U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas broke ranks and sided with 190 Democrats (and 14 Republicans) when he voted against allowing internet providers to snoop on users and sell their personal online history. Instead of playing partisan politics, he tried to do right by his constituents.

Garth Has Still Got It & Isn't Greedy At All

After selling out all five shows in KC, Garth Brooks announces he will add a sixth

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Garth Brooks surprised Kansas City by adding four additional shows to his stop in Kansas City just as tickets for his May 6th show went on sale Friday, and fans went crazy. But the country singer didn't stop there.

The song of the day is the 2nd best UB40 tune of all time and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. $1.00 says Mission Gateway never finishes.

  2. X 1000 ^^^^

  3. Garth laughing all the way to the bank while the rubes figure out how they will pay the rent after buying tickets.

  4. Tony, your April Fools Joke this year is actually longer than when Tom Leathers devoted the entire issue of The Squire to teasers like this.


    I see that 8:12 fell for it.

    Yoder was a funny one as well.

  5. For just minute I thought this was the "power players" post.
    Same level of accomplishment!

  6. Garth couldn't wear Dwight Yokum's hat.

  7. L'Academie lafayette, the french school, is a neat thing within KCMO.

    Que Dieu benisse leur projet.

  8. Byron Funkhouser4/2/17, 1:22 AM

    You can't pretend to be an English Aristocrat unless you learn to speak French.


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