A proud Missouri tradition meets with its conclusion.

Tragic local news:

"Wentworth Military Academy and Junior College in Lexington, MO, will be closing on 5/31/17, after 137 years."

Confirmation and a letter detailing the close:

Closer look.

Text . . .

"We regret to inform you that Wentworth Military Academy and College will be closing on May 31, 2017, the end of this semester. Declining revenues and increased costs made it impossible for Wentworth to continue providing a level of education and services expected, while remaining financially viable . . .

"Although this decision is extremely disappointing to all of us, we are proud that for 137 yars Wentworth achieved its mission to help its cadets and students obtain knowledge and develop character. We hope that the memories and relationships that you developed at Wentworth will continue far into the future."

Co-signed . . .

Regis G. McDonald
Chairman, Board of Trustees

Michael W. Lierman


  1. Sad. One of the better institutions in Missouri.

  2. Here's a better take for your Tk.

    The conservatives like to gloat about MU having problems because of the protests but this shows that money for education is drying up all over Missouri. The problem impacts conservatives too.

  3. Face it. MU donors and the general public were just turned off by the nonsense. It's like that when people see their tuition and endowment money going to entitled thugs who just simply are not getting enough free shit.

  4. in the old days, it was an alternative for juvenile delinquents as they were called, and it was a change-maker institution.

    sad to see it close.

  5. The Mizzou comments are BS. While the negative coverage has hurt enrollment, donations from alumni are at an all-time high. Mizzou will be just fine.

  6. Of course it's closing. It teaches discipline, self-respect, and self-control. It needed more safe spaces and crying rooms, maybe some participation trophies.

  7. I am a Proud graduate of Wentworth Military Academy, class of 1970. This closure is a loss to the community, current student body and all of us who had the privilege to call Wentworth our home for a time. For me it was a life changer. I learned to be a better student; I learned about Integrity, Honor & Brotherhood and how to become a positive contributor to society. I hope that the board considered all possibilities rather than taking the easy way out. Had the "old boys" when informed earlier I know that they would have rallied to the cause of their beloved academy...

  8. "MU will be just fine"...or maybe not. Read the article linked below,the university confirmed the loss of at least $10m in pledges that were pulled back, this year's total was boosted bt a single $25m donation, and most donations were made before the protests. Face it, caving to the protestors in the most cowardly way possible did and will continue to have a lasting effect.

  9. I don't think Missourians appreciate the contribution Wentworth has made over the decades. The school has produced some superior American Heros and I don't mean media manufactured heros. One of the best was Dan Schungle who became a hands on Special Forces officer will the balls of King Kong and integrity to match. More than once this man picked up a weapon and jumped in the skirmish to join his men in the field during the Vietnam conflict. He was hightly decorated and after Namn he made the transition into commanding one of the most cold war critical installations in the nation. I had the privilidge of serving under him and meeting with him on a regular basis. Few men can measure up. Schungle often spoke of his Missouri roots and going to school at Wentworth. He is just one of several. Times change. Priorities change, but certainly Wentworth has a proud history and has made a contribution that not even the progressive shitflakes can diminish.

  10. Colored people should go to Grambling and that's about it.

  11. Bravo to comment @8:38, he explained PERFECTLY why we need to help support institutions like Wentworth. This is truly a loss for all of Missouri.

  12. Too many snowflakes out there.

  13. Man I can finally relax. My mom always threatened to send me there.


  14. 10:08 Thanks... Your comment was excellent, and very informative. I'm going to miss seeing the cadets walking around town, I'm shocked and sad to hear Wentworth is closing.

  15. Some of the best advice we ever received regarding our son with some behavior problems was to send him to Wentworth. As one dad put it, you can spend your money on drug rehab, wrecked cars, attorneys, and family counseling or you can spend it on military school. Wentworth was definitely a better choice, even though it cost about $30K per year when he attended. He came back and was successful for the balance of his high school years and graduated college. I hate to see it close, but sending your child there is a financial sacrifice that many parents just cannot or will not do. The junior college was a bargain because most of the students had scholarships provided by the army, but they had to commit to the army as a career after four years of college. I am not sure that a lot of students realized that there was an opportunity to attend college on full scholarship. Most of the students were children of career army personnel who were aware of the opportunity. I am very sad to see it closed.

  16. A couple thousand less students could mean bigly bucks not getting sent by proud alumni over many decades. And, if their kids and grandkids also go elsewhere, Mizzou loses out on lots more decades of money.

    Columbia Daily Tribune/08/27/2016/Other Universities Gain Enrollment As Missouri University Numbers Drop

    KC Star article 106457297>University of Missouri Announces Lowest Enrollment Numbers Since...>news>local>enrollment-is-in-fact-down-at-mizzou

    TheManeater>stories>2017/02/25>missouri-colleges-ramp-up-recruitment- in-wake-of-enrollment-decline


    The Daily Caller>2016/08/24

    Hannibal Courier Post>2016/12/11

    P J Media>2016/09/02

    It's not unusual for some of those endowment and pledge figures to have fancy and fuzzy math involved. Payments can be remitted over multiple years in unequal sums. Payments can rescind or delay if donations are stocks/bonds/annuities that lose significant value. Contested business/divorce/inheritance matters have delayed and denied gift amounts. Business and personal bankruptcies have evaporated scheduled gifts.

  17. Parents always threatened to send me there too, but I knew they were too cheap to do it. Threatening an impressionable youth with shit like that is counterproductive. The trauma turned me into a dope-smoking, long-haired reprobate and random inseminator of skinny teenage Joco bitches. I am lucky to have survived my degenerate younger years. Sure was fun, though. Fortunately, the church-going Republican ladies who keep voting for me have not a clue.

  18. ^^^ Claire McCrapskill


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