The latest Mayoral contender is a former Public Administrator from the City of Detroit who has local ties along with an interesting campaign platform.

Take a look:

From Roi Chinn . . .

Recent national polls show:

The Cannabis movement is Winning, and when you elect Roi Chinn mayor....

KC will be the 1st CANNABIS Sanctuary city in America. (More JOBS, less Tax, and less Crime, & MORE Revenues!)

Be apart of the MOMENTUM that is Roi Chinn for Kansas City Mayor.

You decide . . .


  1. Oh Lord, they're coming out of the woodwork now....

  2. Why do we need Detroit's trash, we've got enough of our own.

  3. All the idiot nogs will definitely vote for him. The only hope for KC is the northland. Unfortunately here in South K.C. we have too many idiot democrats.

  4. Beth for Mayor!

  5. I'd vote for beth before this guy.

    What a waste of votes. He reminds of a black clay chastain.

  6. i doubt he is a real candidate, non resident.

    We need to tell all of these carpetbaggers to back off.

  7. Who is this marijuana smoking man?

    The style of his campaign and his supporters are impressive.

    I like the cut of his jib!

  8. Fucking dopers are slow and stupid.

    I won't employ em when I catch em.

    There is a reason they call it "dope", you dope.

  9. ^^^ Lulz. True enough. You can't really call it a boost to the economy if it takes away the will to work from the entire society.

  10. What a joker this is. Still, the bar has been set so low by Griftomatic Mayor Bullhorn, nothing would surprise me.

  11. Apart = separate from

    A part = a component of the whole

    Can't get the grammar right in a campaign slogan.

  12. Somebody needs to tell this clown that there are plenty of comically incompetent people who run for KCMO city council right here already and we really don't need to import anyone from out-of-town, and certainly not Detroit.
    Of course, pretty much anyone can qualify with the bar set as low as it is.
    Who's next?

  13. you people making anonymous posts are probably cannabis smokers your self, your just good at hiding your dirt. i applaud the man for making a stand that other states have. facts are kcmo is a less than 50% college grad, has a top ten crime rate, and over 50% of population earns 50k or less so you people can stop hating on this one-time Republican, hes highly educated, married over 20+ and has been vetted by a real newspaper like the star and stl. dispatch! this paper is less authentic than middle school news!

    if you people are so funny go earn a living at it but you cant they laugh your over rated ass off stage. if your so big and popular why dont you run, and you dumb- asses admitted to voting for the current mayor and council so your the trash, carpet bagging, simps!

    its easy to be lame, see i just did it to you. crawl back into your denial bag while big black, and hispanic men bang your white women into eternal happiness! the world is changing and you people are outnumbered minority sticking your heads in the sand hoping your ass wont get pounded like sarah palin by that big black buck in her college days!

    BLM forever:) Roi Chinn is at least beloved of 30% black voting population and hes making inroads into the 10-15% hispanic voters in kcm and thats more thn enough to win mayor _ stop talking shit and get out here because he/Roi CHINN is out here on the daily!

    1. I love how Roi Chinn responds to his internet critics by an anonymous post.

      And seems like he is a little racist.

      I would post my name but I unfortunately am in a position where I can not due to the fact I know Roi.

      And I'm definitely not voting for him

    2. Wow just wow! You people all have a horse in the race and if shows, I will be voting for Roi CHINN and He's not racist which is the age old cry of the hateful. I would post my name but I can't seem to do it on this weird side-by-side but I work at an area public high school and I admire Roi CHINN for KC mayor because he dares to Think BIG- Got to love his Vision.

  14. if your going to do an article at least have the journalistic integrity to interview the person! your paper is trash, fake news and agenda-laced! you rip-off! now were laughing get a real job in a real paper! we love chinn.

  15. NE Mexican,

    I'm new to the city and I was at an event that Roi Chinn was speaking at and he was truly impressive, and an amazing charismatic speaker. I am on here because I'm doing the due diligence to research the man but I'm cant help but notice the very hostile, negative and racist leaning language being used against this man. "Anonymous" once attacked loses its credibility for everyone, yet you people do so anytime a sensible, articulate and fair-minded comment id posted. why? what's the real agenda in this town. I'm beginning to believe that chinn has a point KC is comfortable with liberals and shuck and jive negroes in city hall and since he is neither his vision is doubted, attacked and mocked. wake up people, it was bound to happen...again! Obama in 2008 and Roi Chinn in 2018.

  16. He is Racist he only has relationships with white women because he does not like black women who are darker than his is. If he is elected Mayor God Help Kansas City. I know I will move that is for sure.


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