Amid widespread and growing violence in Kansas City overall, the war to control the drug trade rages behind the scenes and has now resulted in escalating brutality on local streets.

Let's be clear, we very much want to stay alive and so WE ARE NOT NAMING NAMES, calling out any number of local gangs or drug dealers operating openly in Kansas City OR identifying the wide array of drug hangout distribution centers that abound throughout the metro in both suburban and urban enclaves. This post was written merely to provide perspective and public safety information for average residents curious and hoping to avoid deadly fighting that has intensified on local streets. We really just want to keep innocent people out of the way of trouble that's on the rise in Kansas City.

Real talk: All of that semi-automatic gunfire urban core residents hear almost every night isn't the result of teens battling over the affections of some skank or because somebody stepped on the wrong pair of Jordans but instead represents the reality of a growing illicit and dangerous local economy.

To wit . . .


Here are a few more deets on the trend and evidence to back up this info . . .

- This past week there have been two reported kidnappings in the Kansas City area and more abductions over the course of this year. Drug gangs are infamous for taking hostages and many fear the rise in this violent trend signals higher stakes of the local drug trade.

- The opioid prescription drug crackdown is turning more middle-class addicts into heroin junkies. Like it or not, the basic tenants of capitalism mandate that the market must meet this rising demand.

- Thanks to a recent vote, casual marijuana use is now pretty much legal and penalties are mostly unenforced in Kansas City . . . Given that Missouri weed is garbage, high quality supply from South of the Border abounds. While there's hope that legalization will curb illicit imports, Mexican cartels are still trafficking large quantities of marijuana, and some suggest they may even be attempting to match the potency of America's finest pot.

Here's the word from a TOP ECHELON INSIDER . . .

"Nacro-wars have always been a part of Kansas City crime and go way beyond little gangs fighting over street corners. What we're seeing now is some of the really brutal violence among drug traffickers manifesting in the metro. It's just a matter of time until we start seeing local decapitations like other parts of the American Southwest have already witnessed."

Denying the rise in Kansas City drug violence and it's connection to the cartels has been the conservative practice of local authorities over the past few years . . . In 2017, the escalation of drug trade savagery on local streets threatens to finally expose the horrific trend that continues to claim local lives.

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  1. This is basically the same kind of fighting that Kansas City witnessed during prohibition.

    You mention legalization might cause some of this problem but it's only the slow process that causes drug cartels to cling to their profit centers. Legalization of marijuana has actually decreased imports from Mexico by half. This process should be continued in order to take the money and violence out of the drug trade.

  2. nation of junkies. Sad.

  3. Public safety4/15/17, 1:19 PM

    avoid drugs, illegal aliens and strippers and you should be okay.

  4. Build.

  5. Santa Muerte? now that is some scary Easter weekend shit.

  6. False idol drug deal bullsh#t should be destroyed. No room for that junk over here Pedro.

  7. It is of note, that Tony makes mention and emphasizes that he is not only not naming names, he is not even naming the names of the gangs. This intimidation of the 5th estate, the 4th estate and local law enforcement is an on going story throughout our politically correct nation. 60 or 70 years ago, when local tuffs or gangs got out of control, the local citizenry got together and killed every one of them. Hung them in trees, shot them like rats, or drove them out with the support of the people and law enforcement that could not, or, were not, able to deal with them.

    The existence of these gangs, is a categorical result of the break down of The Rule Of Law and the rise of Liberal identity politics which cuts the legs our of any type of neighborhood action.

    Calling the cops, will solve nothing and it is too late, to try and take matters into your own hands. This country is terminally infected with Political Correctness and that pathology is manifested in the appearance of drug lords and violence right here in fucking River City. The cops and Law Enforcement personnel are crippled and constrained by laws enacted by Progressives which protect criminality, because the criminals and the families of the criminals all vote Democrat.

    There is only one way and one way only, to deal with these MS 13 killers and the garden variety knock offs that permeate many big cities. Organize, arm yourself and when you see the cockroaches, shoot them dead. Then don't stop killing them, until every Hispanic with a neck tattoo is dead. These animals are dangerous and even more unpredictable that the Crips and Bloods were.

    Then, there will be peace in the west end and other parts of the city where now, there is rampantly metastasizing criminality. Hispanics, who for decades have lived and prospered on the West Side, are now rubbing elbows with newly minted gang bangers, home grown and from El Salvador.

    Not gonna happen.

    What will happen, is that guys and families, like Tony's family, will live ever closer to increasing and violent crime and criminals, because white guys, those white guys that America hates so much, who used to hang the fuck out of low life, raping, murdering, kidnapping scum, will be place in jail a hell of lot faster than some fuckin MS 13 puke if they fight back.

    Welcome to the new Politically Correct America and Kansas City.

    Tony did not write this, condone this, or, encourage this comment in any way.

  8. Drug problems in Jackson County/KCMO?
    No problem.
    The $20 million that the COMBAT tax collects and spends every year, and has for decades, is on the job.
    Just a few more unaccountable nonprofits, picnics, and a few dozen yard signs, and the public will be rid of this latest scourge.
    Thanks for renewing this and leaving the same folks in charge.
    Now just sit back and watch the results.

  9. Well, you ought to know huh?

  10. If you obey the law and resist the gangs, the thugs and the criminals, then you will not only be targeted by the gangs, the thugs and the criminals, you will be targeted by the Police at the behest of the Democrat Politicians who care far, far more, about the vote that keeps them at the public trough, than they do about you, or your family being beaten, raped, murdered or kidnapped.

    Criminals vote Democrat and Democrats keep criminals safe, by way of Political Correctness.

  11. The comments here do a wonderful job of proving this blog's readers as a nation of inbreds. Say hi to your sisterwives.

    1. While you do another line of meth off some guys cock that you picked up at Missy B's last night

  12. Interesting 205. We have a basic right to defend our women,children,and our neighbors and that surpasses all man made laws. Fair is fair.

  13. NO, NO, NO !
    You do the line of meth off the crack of his ass. That way you can snort a few dingleberries into your lungs too.
    If you are going to do drugs, do them right.

  14. @2:05 might be the best comment written in KC today.


  15. How can KC help in the drug war? All the damn hipsters have to stop using them!

  16. Call UHaul pack your shit and haul ass only safe thing to do let the druggies have this worthless place.

  17. HI there KILLA CITY CRIMINAL BOYZ ! Please don't kill just for being white human beings and driving through you shit hole town . Save the KILLA for all the LIBERAL Democrat Snowflake HOMOSEXUALLY ABOUNDS illegal smelly bitches that are dealing dope , using dope , and getting people booked on dope ¡! If you have any ammo leftover off the black HOMO and beaner criminals who have not turned their life around , BITCHES ¡!

  18. ^^^ really lonely. I know where you're coming from.

  19. Fucking amateur writing this crime story.

  20. I like it, at least it's real and not that washed up newspaper tv news junk that thinks all this crime is just random. TKC informs KC readers on more than any body else. And if you didn't like it so much, you wouldn't be reading on the weekend.

  21. I like it too.what I don't like is this 'Greedo' clown suckling and nuzzling tonys brown eye, every time someone remotely criticizes him or his work..lay off Greedo. You come across as a Lil bitch

  22. There are drugs all over KC. Choose treatment over putting people and that will lessen demand over time to destroy that money supply for the gangs. That's the only way.


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