Unbeknownst to most Kansas City residents thanks to the despicable and clandestine scheming of the local consultant class and their corrupt media partners, there's a vote on the future of the streetcar CURRENTLY underway.

We posted the info previously but our blog community is right to request a reminder . . .

The requirements to vote in the latest streetcar election are some of the most stringent Kansas City has ever seen and designed to keep as many people away from the process as possible.


Because last time the streetcar issue came up to a more open and public vote . . . It was resoundingly defeated.

The streetcar supporters can only win when the cheat.

However, the plans for the extension are already coming up against an obstacle more powerful than pulling off another gerrymandered election.

Like it or not . . . Here's a "concern" that has been conveyed to insiders, council and delightful consultants who are more friendly with our blog community than their bosses and colleagues realize . . .


Already the KCMO streetcar has suffered maintenance problems, repeated breakdowns and nearly constant delays. CAF Urbos 3 have also confronted compressor concerns related to braking and sketchy performance in rain and ice. Navigating the Main Street hill in Kansas City presents a costly challenge given that the route stands at nearly a 45 degree angle on its steepest point. Meanwhile, what we've seen from Kansas City's streetcar is that it doesn't really work in bad weather.

Nevertheless, the hype continues with very few questions from a mostly complicit mainstream media.

While there has been a great deal of talk about Mayor Sly's legacy this week . . . His greatest achievement is undoubtedly subverting local elections and voters with little to no opposition and in order to push forward a corporate tax and spend agenda.

And so . . .

The one year anniversary and the toy train is coming up as supporters continue their cheerleading and celebration amid skepticism from opponents who fear a runaway development agenda that once again threatens local small business, neighborhoods and the very fabric of Kansas City Democracy.

Developing . . .


  1. What's another $200 million between friends?

    1. Can we talk about the ride for a second?

      it's a joke.

      Bumpy, uncomfortable and slow.

      Why are we putting more money into this, I haven't seen any new businesses open downtown along this route except for one barbecue joint. It's not that I hate the streetcar, far from it. It's a good idea but KC already said no to the plaza route, why are we trying this again?

    2. is this the same streetcar route the "hoodrats" are going to take?

      What a joke.

      I'm for the streetcar extension only because Tracy Thomas and her racist commercials are against it. The rhetoric they used was shameless. they should not have made it a racial issue. They will lose that fight and destroy their reputation in the process.

  2. KC has faced challenges before, and we beat them.

    I'll admit that you highlight an important problem. But we can get past that, help us move forward not backward. The streetcar has great momentum and we need to capitalize on it. KC should support this effort and get even ore people on board this effort that will transform our city for the better.

  3. he will not divide us4/8/17, 1:45 PM

    you want to get the streetcar going?

    Get Trump out of office!

  4. Streetcar is among the worst forms of public transit. It's neat to many locals because it's not a bus, but in terms of transit, it sucks. There is literally*no reason* to sink more money into expanding the line, specifically if federal $$$ is unavailable. We just approved $800M worth of infrastructure repair that will take 40 years to pay off, so it's hard to fathom throwing another $250M on top of that just for a few more miles of bicycle hazards on Main Street. Especially with the inevitable KCI renovation being thrust upon us.

  5. repeated breakdowns


    presents a costly challenge


    route stands at nearly a 45 degree angle

    Lie. 7%

    it doesn't really work in bad weather.


    Boy oh boy Tony you sure lie a lot.

    1. ^^^ Jason. I don't think you want to play rough with Tony. There's way too much about you that would make excellent blog fodder. I keep telling TK to stop being nice to you but the way you keep taking those kickbacks is pissing everyone off.

  6. On another note... The National Native American Chamber of Commerce has resurrected itself from the ashes

    The NNACC filed its nonprofit dissolution on 1-06-2016 It was agreed with 100% of the Board voting that this national chamber would shutter its doors by its board of Directors;

    Larry Reynolds (Chairman, President) a non Indian voted yes
    Steve Flick (Board of Directors) a non Indian voted yes
    Byron McIntosh (Board of Directors) Byron had 1/1068th Indian blood (meaning a nose bleed would simply make him black) and voted yes 
    Patsy Stuke (Board Treasurer) voted yes

    That made up the WHOLE Board and its membership!

    It was then resurrected on 8-08-2016 and It was agreed upon by a vote of the Board to resume their roles;

    Larry Reynolds (Chairman, President)
    Steve Flick (Board of Directors) 
    Byron McIntosh (despite passing away February 18th, 2016, a full eight months BEFORE his membership was renewed on the board of directors in August 8, 2016, perhaps by absentee ballot Byron voted and remains in good standing as a board member)
    and Patsy Stuke (Board Treasurer, Secretary) 

    Despite the warning "The undersigned understands that false statements made in this report are punishable for the crime of making a false declaration under section 576.060 RSMo."  on the State registered form  this is Kansas City Mo. and it just doesn't really matter.

    It was that easy, two non Indians, one female Osage American Indian and a dead guy put back together the national native american chamber of commerce, kudos all around! its a 501c3 that helps non indians take minority contracts

  7. A slow streetcar extension will once again involve tearing up Main Street for several years. Then car parking will have to be changed and white stripes painted to keep cars and delivery trucks parked within the white lines. It will be a pain in the ass for delivery vehicles. And in the meantime we have the far superior and faster Max bus on that same route with none of these restrictions. But racist white people won't ride a bus.

  8. I look forward to the $800 million dollar streetcar. I'm glad it won on April 4th.

  9. OH NO! A community attempting to better itself with something other than a 1960's transit solution. I am sure all of those members will be greatly affected by the mockery coming from Tony's base.

    I can already imagine their fear.

  10. why not build a cable car like in san francisco?

    it would be more fun.

  11. Dear shitheads,

    A hill with a 45 degree angle is a mountain, dumbasses.

    So yeah....LIE LIE LIE.

  12. 4:36 - so instead of a 1960's transit solution, you prefer an 1890's transit solution?

  13. For anyone who thinks a bus is 1960's transit, just google "Bus Rapid Transit" and you'll see what other cities are doing to make BRT the preferred method of transportation that is far superior to a slow moving 1930's streetcar.

  14. Great ! Now our inner city youth scholar will be able to get to the douchebag homosexual agenda tranny's plaza quicker , Rob steal carjacked mugg stab shooting, hop on the douchebag homosexual trolly for the family ride back to the Hood ¡ another reason to be avoiding the douchebag homosexual plaza and most of the liberals Boyz bangers Killa City , Bitch ¡!¡!

  15. Good evening, lil byron!

  16. Stalder at 2:24 = entirely too sensible!

    Streetcar? On fixed rails?

    Wow! If only someone would invent a large vehicle capable of carrying a lot of people, and that could turn corners, and change routes as needed. Maybe it could even run on clean-burning natural gas as a fuel. They could call this invention a BUS! We'll probably have to wait a long time for such a great thing to be perfected.

  17. The KC Deuce4/8/17, 9:42 PM

    Streetcar is old stupid tech.

    Why are we investing in 1800s technology.

  18. On the topic of Urban improvements: bad urban planning feng shui is locating ur sewage treatment plants at the intersection of the Kaw and MO Rivers. Clean that shit up, make it a park worthy of tracing the landing of Lewis & Clark. Squirrel Katy Trail through town on pedestrian-bike-park-toytrain only corridors to the Kaw Point lookout and beyond with cooperation of the RR and public utilities. You all need to double the narrative to make main street thrive and that includes integrating more integrated parks/trails system along with the residential/commercial developments. Nice City, ground-only transportation made it a literal crossroads, not no more. There is not an Ocean, there is not a mountain, but there is still a landscape to be enjoyed throughout the Metro and the region if u make room for it instead of the postage stamp suburban park and encroaching on the laurels of early 20th Century development. among others, Swope park (1896), Penn Valley Park (1904), the Plaza (1923)were planned to accompany the housing development of a much smaller population who had easier access to the great outdoors.

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  21. MAIN STREET SLOPE? Why in hell would a Chinese buffet owner want to stop the toy train?

  22. Sly sold us out!


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