Time Warner/Spectrum Slap Fight With Fox Frustrates Kansas City Royals Fans

Even more deets on baseball behind the scenes that has very little love for the game and is mostly concerned with the bottom line. Take a look:

Kansas City Royals: How Cable Dispute Impacts Fans

Spectrum, the former Time Warner Cable, and Fox are currently involved in a carriage dispute directly impacting Royals fans. If not resolved by Saturday, fans will find the Kansas City Royals - Houston Astros game blacked out. Fox Sports Kansas City is also the broadcast home of Sporting Kansas City.


  1. The other 99 percent of Fox 4 programming sucks ass. I can understand why this wouldn't be a big loss of the cable company. Do they have a program director by any chance?

  2. Spectrum is changing its name !


  3. R. Lancaster4/9/17, 1:59 PM

    This is totally unfair, we are a Kansas City Royals fan team city, will we get our home opener game? If this goes through will I get a discount on my Spectrum bill because I won't be receiving FOX, sounds good to me. But seriously, get your act together and give us our sports!⚾️👍.

  4. Get a Kodi box and cut the cable.

  5. Another JoCo rip off. Go with google fiber, forget these fools.


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