Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday Morning Look

Quick morning update with more than a few links that we're checking to start the day . . .

Show-Me KCMO Marketing Gimmick

Kansas City Mavericks: Name Change Part of Strategy to Grow Brand

The Kansas City Mavericks may be a minor-league hockey team, but a recent investment in the franchise's future is anything but minor. "I cannot give a figure to the costs associated with it (the name change)," said Mavericks general manager Brent Thiessen, "but there are significant costs."

KCK EPIC Morning Fire Report

Fire destroys home in KCK

Huge flames could be seen for miles

Electrical Fire Ruling

Children jump from windows to escape KCMO apartment fire

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - UPDATE 1:40 PM 4/24/2017: Kansas City Fire Department investigators have ruled the fire was caused by an electrical issue but haven't determined where exactly the fire started. PREVIOUS STORY 4/23/2017: A family of five jumped from a window to escape a fire at a Kansas City, Missouri apartment building Saturday.

Golden Ghetto Job Search Starting

Search Is Formally On For New Shawnee Mission School Superintendent

Outgoing Shawnee Mission School Superintendent Jim Hinson was absent from Monday night's board meeting but he was the subject of much discussion. The board officially accepted Hinson's resignation and started to lay out plans to search for his successor. Hinson, who has headed the district for the past four years, unexpectedly announced his retirement last week.

Death Ripoff Allegations

Former funeral home owner admits defrauding prepaid customers out of thousands

More than 100 customers trusted a local funeral home owner. They prepaid for their funeral services. That owner was convicted of ripping them off by spending the money himself.

People Mag Murder Profile

Woman Whose 10-Year-Old Daughter Was Killed in 1999 Loses a Second Daughter to Murder: 'Has to Be a Nightmare'

Cherri West's nightmare began in 1999. That's when her 10-year-old daughter, Pamela "Pammy" Butler, was rollerblading outside of her Kansas City, Kansas, home when a stranger grabbed her and threw her into his pickup truck. There was a witness: Butler's older sister, Casey Eaton. Then just a young teenager, Eaton ran screaming after the truck.

Help Find This Missing Young Lady

Riverside police looking for missing Park Hill South student

RIVERSIDE, Mo. - Riverside police are asking for help in finding a missing teenager. Gabriella "Gabby" McDowell disappeared Monday afternoon around 2:30 from Park Hill South High School in Riverside. She is 15 years old, about 5'7" and weighs 240-260 pounds. Police say she had a tie-dyed shirt and grey jeans.

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Anonymous said...

sex with students is nothing new i was in high school in the 60's and the boys were smart enough to keep their mouths shut. why mess up a good thing

Anonymous said...

You would think funeral homes be the last to let you down.

Anonymous said...

10:49=Good night gramps.

Anonymous said...

12:43=make me a latte, kid.

Anonymous said...

Wtf happened to riverside.
20 years ago their apartment complexs were NICE and all white,just like the rest of the town..NEWSFLASH....young white girls,don't fall for the negros jive-game!! That is if you don't want an std,would like to keep your cute Lil car,in that condition,like to keep any money that you might have,value your credit and credit card's,value your self esteem, like the relationship you have with your family,don't care to have every orifice on your body violated-including having your face used as a backstop for high-pressurized projectile-black-baby badder.worse yet, having a black baby,then turning around and realizing,your black boo is nowhere to be found...and ultimately if you value your LIFE,because believe it-they will take it away from you,for any variety of reasons,just like you were a piece of garbage. They will get rid of you when they've bled you of all the reasons they have found for keeping you around-RECOURSES-are depleted.Your chances of survival will drop sharply, if you decide (too late) to start sticking up for yourself,making a fuss,calling parents,big brothers And ultimately, if you should threaten the negro with Calling The POLICE..Well sweetheart,there's a very good chance that the next place your father will see you ,is at the Morgue, identifying your body!!

I didn't peck all this out for fun and unfortunately,my target readers,chances are won't be perusing tkc,but if it reaches out to one confused-low self-esteem, white girl,AND she heeds this warning, I'll have done something.