The Kansas City Sunday News Link Stroll

Sunday morning is for angel lingerie and a quick review of all the important Kansas City links. Take a look:

Cowtown Tax Time Warning " Finance Department reveals top 10 mistakes e-tax filers make

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 6, 2017 Before you hit the button on your earnings tax return, which is due April 18, the KCMO Finance Department suggests you take a look at 10 common mistakes that filers make annually when preparing their returns.

Team Bernie Targets Kansas

Dem boasts of support from Sanders-aligned group in deep-red Kansas district

James Thompson, who is running to fill the House seat vacated by now-CIA Director Mike Pompeo, wrote on Twitter on Friday that he was "proud to have the endorsement" of Our Revolution, a progressive political group that emerged out of Sanders 2016 presidential campaign.

Show-Me Flight To Cash

Blunt seeks to retain subsidies for regional airports, including 4 in Missouri, 3 in Illinois

Four regional airports in Missouri and three in Illinois could find their operations at risk if the Congress approves President Donald Trump's plan to end the federal subsidies they've received for decades. But Republican U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt is taking on Trump.

Dead Tree Media Sells Content Space

New neighborhoods offer exciting opportunities amid spring splendor

Spring might just be the most beautiful time of the year at Cedar Creek. As the ample trees and flowers reach full bloom, the picturesque scenery is a breathtaking sight. And now, thanks to an enticing array of new homes in several Cedar Creek neighborhoods, prospective buyers can purchase a beautifully built home just in time to enjoy all that the season has to offer.

Win Number Two . . .

Game V: Royals Rally By Astros

Royals score 6 runs on 7 pitches in 8th

The song of the day is "Be The Change" by Britt Nicole and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. "New neighborhoods offer exciting opportunities amid spring splendor"

    Of course if the new neighborhoods are in the city they only offer temporary refuge from the gutter snipes and ghetto apes who will soon follow.

  2. Byron Funkhouser4/9/17, 2:28 PM

    Today is the day that Christians pretend that palm leaves fall off in the spring.

  3. Today is a day for religious bigots like Funkhouser to pontificate about their moral and intellectual superiority. Seig Heil !


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