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Whilst lingerie shopping and a woman scorned can be deadly . . . Lily Donaldson and her angelic hotness inspires this morning's Kansas City link look as we take a quick glimpse of local MSM reporting right now . . .

Kansas City Cold Case Request

Authorities asking for tips on 12th anniversary of homicide

The Kansas City, Missouri Police Department and the Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline are continuing to ask for tips related to the April 1, 2005 homicide of Jeffrey Daniels. The homicide happened at 3:00 p.m. at Daniels' home in the 2900 block of Park, where he was apparently involved in an exchange of gunfire with his assailants.

Traffic Jam Down By The River

KC Port officials have high hopes for increased barge traffic

Infrastructure improvements at the Port of Kansas City could attract significant barge traffic to the area for the first time in years. The port has a long history along the Missouri River, which runs 2,300 miles through North America.

Kansas City Car Crime Trouble

KCMO dealership desperate to stop criminals after series of vandalism

KANSA CITY, Mo - A Kansas City, Missouri truck dealership is fearful of going out of business if they continue to be targeted by criminals. Ron Edwards, owner of Xtreme Cars and Trux off I-29 in the northland, is out several thousands of dollars after two vandals busted out 9 windows in 6 trucks around 4 am Saturday morning.

Cleanup Down By The River

More than a hundred volunteers beautified the River Market neighborhood with their hands

The new River Market Community Church brought together about 125 volunteers Saturday afternoon to pick up trash, spread mulch and plant flowers in the River Market neighborhood, while also building on the sense of community.

Local Good Deeds
New Jewish coalition aims to help KC area refugees
The Cast For Kansas City Skip Day

Kansas City Royals: Opening Day Lineup is Unveiled

Wednesday morning on 610 Sports Radio, KC Royals manager Ned Yost formally announced the Opening Day lineup the team will utilize against the Minnesota Twins on April 3rd.

Football Fanboy Off-Season Dreams

Kansas City Chiefs 'definitely want to pursue' hosting future NFL Draft

The Kansas City Star has a report that the Chiefs are looking forward to vying for two future NFL events: the Super Bowl as well as an upcoming draft. The team realizes the ability to host the former is going to take serious time and effort, but they remain much more positive about hosting the latter in the near future.

The song of the day -- Lecrae - Blessings ft. Ty Dolla $ign -- And this is the OPEN THREAD for early Sunday . . .


  1. Jews have always been overjoyed to see this country flooded with Third-Worlders. Meanwhile, Israel is the Worlds' only ethno-state.

  2. Anonymous 8:29: Actually, white Republican Christians have always been overjoyed to see this country flooded with Third Worlders. Because the low-skilled ones, especially the undocumented, work cheap and don't demand raises and pensions and vacations and overtime. They also work a lot harder and show up on schedule better than the average native white equivalent. The educated and highly skilled Third Worlders are our doctors, engineers and software designers ... because most white American kids are too damn lazy to study these difficult subjects in school nowadays. Israel is the world's only ethno state? Are you out of your fucking mind? What about, say, Japan or China? Or France or Germany? Or Denmark or Finland? Do you know anything about the tribal origins of these European nations? Are you aware that 20 percent of the citizens of Israel ... actual Israel, not including the Palestinian territories ... are Arabs, and that most of them are Muslim? Are you aware that thousands of Christian Arabs live in Israel? Are you aware that white European Jews are, at most, 50 percent of the Israeli Jewish population, and that the rest are brown, black or yellow Jews because they came from the Middle East, India, Ethiopia or China? There is no shortage of ignorant fucks in our part of the world. But even by local standards, Mr. Anonymous, YOU are a standout. You should run for governor.

  3. ^^^ Try getting married in Tel Aviv if you're not Jewish. The body of your post is happy Leftist horseshit.

  4. Increased barge traffic in River City!
    Maybe double the annual number and get all the up to six!
    How much does the KC "Port Authority" spend every year, again?
    How's the "port" operation they oversee at the airport in Belton?
    KCMO is so full of unaccountable obscure "agencies" it's no wonder the residents get so little for all the money that's spent.


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