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Classic Lucy Vixen hotness starts our Saturday as we check some of the most important MSM stories for right now . . .

Kansas City Cuteness Conservation

Endangered baby goats at KC Zoo need names

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two sets of Arapawa goats were born at the Kansas City Zoo in March and if you haven't made it out to see them yet, the Zoo says you are missing out on some adorable babies! All four kids are full of energy and on exhibit.

Fear The Kansas City Power Player

Tom Gerend | 100 most powerful people in KC business - Kansas City Business Journal

Learn about Tom Gerend, a selection to the 2017 Power 100 - a guide to the most powerful people in Kansas City business circles.

Working For Rock Chalk Cures

University of Kansas Cancer Center participates in clinical trial on new way to treat cancer

WESTWOOD, Kan. - The University of Kansas Cancer Center in Westwood is participating in what some experts are calling a revolutionary shift in cancer treatment. Dr. Joseph McGuirk is the Division Director of the Hematologic Malignancies and Cellular Therapeutics at the KU Cancer Center. He's in charge of the CAR-T therapy clinical trial.

Dead Tree Media Weed Review

Five things to know about Kansas City's new marijuana law

Kansas City voters overwhelmingly supported reduced penalties for marijuana possession on the ballot in Tuesday's election. But people should realize that it does not legalize pot possession in the city. There are five key points that residents should know about the new law.

Show-Me Bullet Time Transit?!?!

KC to St. Louis in 23 minutes: A new possibility

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Whether you're driving, flying or taking a train ride, it could take a few hours to get from Kansas City to St. Louis. But what if you could get there in 23 minutes? Well, that could be a new possibility.

Celebrate Old School Survivor

Last WWI Veteran from Kansas City area

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The last living WWI veteran called Missouri home. Frank Buckles lied about his age to enlist in 1917. He was deployed from Fort Riley in Kansas. Buckles was honored at the National WWI Museum and Memorial in 2008. He passed away at 106 years old.

Kansas City Winning Start

Vargas tosses six quality innings as Royals crack win column in 5-1 triumph over Houston

HOUSTON (AP) - Jason Vargas got his first win in nearly two years and the Kansas City Royals beat the Houston Astros 5-1 on Friday night. Kansas City got its first victory of the season after being swept at Minnesota in its first three games.

The song of the day is KYLE - iSpy (feat. Lil Yachty) this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. "Five things to know about Kansas City's new marijuana law"

    ......that show how the press has their head up their collective asses.....

    Now Five Read Things:

    1) If you get picked up in the city on a traffic warrant from outside the city you will be charged under state law when you get transported with that pot in your pocket.

    2) If you get picked up on a possession charge the Feds can stop you from owning or possessing a firearm for the rest of your life.

    3) If the undercover who busts you for possession asks you to give him a joint or give him a hit and you hand him/her the joint you are charged under state law or federal law depending on who the agent is working for.

    4) If you are arrested or charged in teh city you will still loose your security clearance or not be granted one. That means you won't be able to shovel so much as horse shit at a national park.

    5) Normal has accomplished near nothing with this ordinance and likely will be indirectly responsible for creating a false sense of security among recreation pot smokers.

    6) Even if you just have a city charge the conviction can be used in the future to calculate and increase any drug conviction jail sentence in Fed or State court.

  2. It's fair warning and bigly caring of ^^10:47^^ to lay the straight tuff stuff. Anyone who tokes in public and anywhere in the presence of minors, and drives or otherwise endangers others is the ultimate FUBAR. The refer madness fiends will get busted, and maybe learn the hard knocks way, along with the teenies taking their stupid risks for the first few times while young.

    There's so much good fun to be had without drunkeness and stoner stupor. See those nice families in those big, beautiful houses and those ridiculously richie rides in their garages? Liquor sales---DUI, etc. law firms---surgical, rehab and therapy fees---and, hardship insurance revenues PAY VERY WELL!


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