The Kansas City Friday Night Look

For denizens of our late night local discourse and fans of hottie Kelly Brook who might be even more intrigued by her recent dominatrix confessions . . . Here are more than a few Kansas City links worthy of consideration and much better than all of the local press release coverage. Take a peek:

More Kansas City Traveling Music Reporting

KCI adds music, outlets and more to improve flying experience

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Live jazz music premiered at Kansas City International Airport on Friday. The music is one of a number of changes made at the airport to improve the overall experience for anyone using the facility.

Another Horrible Token Latina Column

Mary Sanchez: Fast and Furious operation fails Brian Terry ... again

Fast and Furious was a botched federal effort to track U.S.-purchased guns trafficked to Mexican drug cartels. Eventually, guns went missing, and a U.S. border patrol agent ended up dead. Brian Terry's family never learned the full truth of what happened to their beloved son and brother.

Broadway Bridge Debate Continues

Repair or replace: Future of Buck O'Neil Bridge

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More than 50,000 people like Johnathon Hutchens drive across the Buck O'Neil Bridge every day. But at 60 years old, the bridge is in bad condition. "It's always a little hectic driving near vehicles and obviously an older bridge. Like so many others, it needs repairs," said Hutchens.

Kansas City Dead Man Comeuppance

Feds want to seize home, cars, other assets from deceased businessman accused of fraud - Kansas City Business Journal

The U.S. Attorney's Office is asking a federal court for permission to seize property they allege Mark Sellers gained as part of a $10 million investment fraud scheme. Sellers, who had operated Selden Cos. LLC, was being investigated before he killed himself in August.

Show-Me The Missouri Discourse

Missouri Legislative Bills, Bridge Woes, And Kansas City Trumpter Hermon Mehari

Today, we learn about two bills making their way through the Missouri General Assembly; one would place stricter rules on ride-hailing businesses like Lyft and Uber, another would create a statewide prescription drug monitoring database. Then, the Buck O'Neil Bridge is in bad shape, and city leaders are struggling over how to pay for the needed repairs.

Local Claim To Fame

Bob Cerv, 91, three-time Yankee who found stardom in Kansas City - The Boston Globe

NEW YORK - Bob Cerv's desire to play for the Yankees was roused by a trip to New York with his father, who drove a refrigerated food truck from Nebraska. He was only 11 or 12, but seeing Lou Gehrig hit home runs at Yankee Stadium made him want to play there as well.

Home Team Hard Times Continue

Kansas City Royals Series Grades: Home Opener A Disappointment

Coming off of an impressive series victory over the Houston Astros, there was some hope the Kansas City Royals had things straightened out. With their home opener, and remembrance ceremony for Yordano Ventura, there should have been a little something extra in them. However, the Royals fell short and lost another series.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. I know how it feels to bite the bullet because i read Mary Sanchez. I understand when people get old and their partner dies then the other dies shortly after. I know young people become depressed and can't cope. But reading Mary Sanchez makes me want to jump in front of a toy train down town.

  2. If it helps to save your life, just keep in mind that if you do jump in front of the train you're likely to be counted in the ridership numbers.
    They need EVERY one!
    Live long and prosper!

  3. You need to update the royals story, as things have changed...

  4. "Mary Sanchez: Fast and Furious operation fails Brian Terry ... again"

    Although I think Narley Snatcheeze is a freaking nutball drama queen she did get something right. The ATF stepped on their dicks all over the place in this Fast & Furious Operation. What I can not grasp is why the (Obamy) Attorney Genera; (Holder) could ever authorize an operation that directed people, including Federal Agents, to commit felony crimes for the purpose of collecting information. What is further frustrating is why no one was ever appropriately charged or investigated.

    It is just incredible that we live in a country where someone who had a domestic assault charge when they were 14 years old can land in prison for even handling a gun yet we have the ATF sending guns to criminals illegally across boarders and this is just standard operating procedure? Jesus Christ is it past time to clean up these out of control bureaucrats and drain the damn swamp or what?


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