Monday, April 24, 2017

The Kansas City Early Morning News Peek

The Kansas City Early Morning News Peek

As we start the work week, we're glad to see that Candice can still get naughty as we gather more than a few local MSM news links to start the early morning.

Take a peek:

Kansas City Blaze Hobo Aftermath

50 displaced following fire at Cloverleaf Apartments in south Kansas City

An infant was transported to the hospital following a fire at the Cloverleaf Apartments at 14554 US-71 Highway. According to Kansas City Fire Department Chief Paul Berardi, one infant was transported to the hospital and an adult was injured. The adult declined to be taken to the hospital.

Kobach Catches Legal Break

Judge stays order for Kris Kobach to turn over documents from Trump meeting

A federal magistrate judge has agreed to stay an order requiring Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to hand over documents from a meeting with President Donald Trump pending the results of an appeal.

Show-Me More Help For Missouri

Missourians living with disabilities can save for long-term care under new state program

A Missouri program that sets up savings accounts for individuals living with disabilities or their families begins Monday. The Missourians Achieving a Better Life Experience, or MO ABLE, accounts can be used to pay for qualified expenses related to living with disabilities and special needs.

Fear Cheesy Corn Chip Marketing To Kansas Hayseed Youngsters

Doritos sends dates to prom in helicopters

by: Jared Leone, Cox Media Group National Content Desk Updated: NEWTON, Kansas - Four teens got the chauffeured experience of a lifetime when they were taken to their prom by helicopter. >> Read more trending news Shaedon Wedel asked his friend Carson Wittmann's sister, Carli, who has Down syndrome, to prom.

Kansas City Schedule Standing

KC Chiefs Receive National Respect with Six Scheduled Primetime Games

When I first saw the Kansas City Chiefs' schedule for 2017, I couldn't believe all of the primetime games that were scheduled! Usually the Chiefs get a Thursday Night Football game, which all teams do, and then another primetime game either on Sunday night or Monday night.

ZAYN - Still Got Time ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Silverback Sly said...

Its not a sign of respect they just cant risk ratings by having the Browns or Jaguars on prime time.

Anonymous said...

If Cloverleaf burnt to the ground,it would be like God answered the prayers of the GOOD FOLKS of Grandview and south kc. That place has been a special little slice of hell for fourth fucking years.more degenerate,criminal ,evil piece's of crap have lived and been conceived there than the shittiest welfare apartment complex ever to exist in kcmo.

This is not a scientific fact,but rather a very good hunch parcially based on one man's experience .

Anonymous said...

*fourty* years, no shit.

Anonymous said...

Move them back Downtown, Lots of apts. along the streetcar line. Come on Sly! Fill the empty units with good people. Lets go! Bring good folks back Downtown! No broken windows! Fresh Start! Cum Byyahhhhh! Sly is a lying cunt hypocrite.