Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Kansas City Comicon 2017 Conclusion

Kansas City geek fest highlight clip for so many locals celebrating their "creative class" adventures without the benefit of taxpayer subsidy or constant City Hall promotion.


Anonymous said...

Now all weez needz iz da Burke Hotel!

Da Conventionz!

Anonymous said...

The tourists!

Anonymous said...

People getting out...having a good time.

Democrats rage -- "Hoe DARE they -- they should be stopping traffic and protesting!!"

Anonymous said...

Let's riot and punch out cop horses ! Speaking of which , the MAY day , or gay day protests against American human beings should be funny !
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Byron Funkhouser said...

^^Your intellectual superiority is self-evident.^^

But, there is no such thing as a White American.

You are a stupid, racist animal of European descent trespassing on American Land.

Anonymous said...

Babbling B'lieRon, then, you are a tresspasser also. And, you're using whitey's English language while describing this geographical area using nomenclature originated by European born, Mr. A. Vespucci and his fellow explorers.

You should only speak an Asian dialect, like the first humans to populate this continent.

Anonymous said...

good event for kc.