Monday, April 24, 2017

The Kansas City Afternoon News Link Look

Hottie Leah inspires this quick peek at some of the top stories for right now . . .

Celebrate Kansas City Fake Sportz

American Ninja Warrior competition comes to Kansas City's Union Station

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In the shadow of Union Station, some of the fiercest athletes in the Midwest and beyond will compete in American Ninja Warrior -- the Kansas City edition. "You can see the aches and pains and what they have to go through and the struggles - especially the hill at the end," said local fan Pamela Morgan.

City Hall Hype Report

Kansas City marks 100 miles of water main replacements

Five years ago, water main breaks gave new meaning to Kansas City's motto of "city of fountains," and not in a good way. Water mains were gushing everywhere. But the city launched a big main replacement program in 2013 and has completed its first 100 miles of replacements.

Suburban Tech To Fight Crime

Crime mapping tool shows crime trends, patterns in Blue Springs

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - Since the Blue Springs Police Department rolled out new technology in December, they said they're able to pinpoint crime hotspots and catch criminals faster. Erica Edgington and her neighbors hope police will catch whoever has been breaking into their cars and stealing their stuff.

Sunflower State Medical Drama Continues Like The Days Of Our Lives

Clock Ticking On KanCare Extension After Federal Denial

A third of the way to an end-of-year deadline, Kansas officials still do not have federal approval to extend KanCare. In January, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services denied the state's request for a one-year extension of the waiver that allowed it to privatize its Medicaid program.

Show-Me Missouri Law Push Back

Legislator shows concern for MO bill that would require fired employees to prove discrimination

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - If passed, a Missouri bill would require fired workers to prove discrimination was the main reason for termination. One state representative says it poses a conflict of interest. Representative Richard Brown calls Senate Bill 43 an attempt to gut the Human Rights Act of Missouri. Mo.

Oak Mite Revenge Continues

Oak mites make an early return to Kansas City in 2017

Usually oak mites are not a problem until fall, but due to a mild winter, they could return to Kansas City earlier than expected.

City Hall Wants Tech Help

Calling startups: KCMO wants to find new innovation partners

The City of Kansas City, Mo. is once again looking for entrepreneurs to help develop new innovations to improve the quality and efficiency of city services. The city is now accepting applications for its Innovation Partnership Program, which is now in its third year of working with entrepreneurs from around the world.

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Blue Springs is mapping crime trends? Let me help them out here. Wherever black people are is where crime will be trending. Simple.

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Leah needs to lay off the french fries, know what I'm sayin?